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Kai Cenat Gets Emotional After 167-Hour Elden Ring Marathon and 1700+ Deaths

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Kai Cenat

Popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat recently completed an epic Elden Ring marathon, captivating his audience with an impressive 167-hour continuous live stream. Cenat, known for his engaging content and large following of over 10 million on Twitch, undertook this marathon to conquer FromSoftware’s challenging game, drawing in massive viewership and widespread acclaim.

Starting on May 10, 2024, Cenat’s ambitious marathon was initially billed as a 100+ hour stream, with a promotional trailer featuring Malenia, one of the game’s toughest bosses, setting the stage for the event. The anticipation was palpable, and fans eagerly tuned in to watch Cenat tackle the notoriously difficult game.

Over the course of six days, Cenat’s stream became a testament to perseverance and determination. The marathon saw him face numerous in-game deaths, with the final count surpassing 1700. His journey through Elden Ring was marked by significant challenges, including a grueling 24-hour battle with Malenia, which alone accounted for 500 of his total deaths. Cenat’s reactions to these trials, especially his mistaken celebration after defeating the first phase of Malenia, added a humorous and human touch to the intense gaming session.


The marathon culminated in a thrilling finale as Kai Cenat faced the final boss, Elden Beast. With over 250,000 concurrent viewers watching on the last day, according to Twitch Tracker, the atmosphere was electric. Upon defeating Elden Beast, Cenat’s ecstatic reaction went viral on social media. Overcome with emotion, he shrieked in joy, collapsed to the floor, and cried out, “Yes! Oh my god!”

As the credits rolled, Cenat addressed his audience, expressing profound gratitude and emotion. “Chat, I fcking love you all bro. Everybody who has been here from the beginning, you guys are fcking amazing, bro. If it wasn’t for you all, I wouldn’t even have been motivated to continue…” he said, his voice filled with genuine appreciation for the support that had sustained him through the marathon.

Kai Cenat’s speech highlighted the community’s role in his achievement. “They said we couldn’t do it, bro. Try after try I gave it my all. I sat down here, slept on a mattress bed every single day. Spent 20 hours on Malenia, 500 deaths. Did not give up one, time, bro. Not one time I gave up. I kept going, and I kept learning and kept doing,” he shared, encapsulating the relentless effort and learning process that defined his journey.


The marathon not only showcased Cenat’s gaming skills but also his ability to connect with his audience, creating a shared experience that resonated deeply with viewers. The event received praise from various quarters, including veteran content creator Ninja, who lauded Cenat for attracting such a large audience to a two-year-old game.

Kai Cenat’s Elden Ring marathon stands as a remarkable achievement in the streaming world, illustrating the power of dedication, community support, and the enduring appeal of challenging content. As Cenat moves forward, his marathon serves as an inspiration to gamers and streamers alike, demonstrating that with perseverance and the backing of a loyal audience, even the most daunting challenges can be overcome.


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