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FaZe Clan Undergoes Major Reboot: Why Banks is Making Big Changes

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FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan Undergoes Major Restructuring: Kicked Creators, New Members, and More

FaZe Clan, the prominent esports and entertainment organization, has embarked on a significant restructuring journey spearheaded by its CEO, FaZe Banks. Since February 2023, FaZe Clan has been navigating challenges, including dropping 20% of its employees and undergoing ownership changes. However, the most recent development, announced in April 2024, involves a comprehensive reboot characterized by the departure of several long-term content creators.

Richard ‘FaZe Banks’ Bengtson, appointed as CEO after GameSquare’s acquisition of FaZe Clan, initiated the reboot with the termination of 110 employees, marking a pivotal moment for the organization’s future. Banks justified the decision by citing the need for a unified vision and dubbed the rebranding effort a “second chance” for FaZe Clan, likening it to a transformative narrative playing out in real-time.

The restructuring involved the expulsion of numerous loyal and longstanding content creators from FaZe Clan, leaving only a select few members remaining. This move surprised many, with some creators learning about their removal through social media or live streams. While reactions varied, ranging from disappointment to acceptance, it signaled a significant shift in the organization’s direction.

Among the departures were well-known figures such as Kalei, Nate Hill, and Cizzorz, leaving behind a smaller roster of fourteen members. Despite the upheaval, FaZe Clan welcomed three new members: PlaqueBoy Max, SilkySzn, and Jason Ween, with plans for a fourth member yet to be unveiled.

The motivations behind the reboot remain unclear, prompting speculation about FaZe Clan’s future trajectory. NICKMERCS, one of FaZe’s prominent stars, expressed uncertainty about the organization’s direction but acknowledged the desire for a fresh start and expansion.


As FaZe Clan navigates this period of transition, questions linger about the organization’s future plans. Rumors suggest the possibility of creating a content house with new hires, indicating a potential shift towards innovative content strategies.

While the reboot signifies a significant departure from FaZe Clan’s past, it also presents an opportunity for reinvention and growth. With Banks at the helm, the organization seeks to redefine its identity and solidify its position in the esports and entertainment landscape.

As the dust settles on this transformative period, FaZe Clan stands poised to chart a new course, leveraging its legacy while embracing change and adaptation in an ever-evolving industry. Only time will tell what the future holds for FaZe Clan and its ambitious reboot under Banks’ leadership.


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