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Ice Poseidon Returning to Twitch Streaming after 5 years of ban

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Ice Poseidon

Twitch streamer Ice Poseidon is having a return to Twitch after he was banned on the platform five years back. Twitch has had several streamers on the platform. Out of which most of them have faced a ban at one or the other time in their life. Similar happened with Ice Poseidon too when five years back he was banned . Yet now he is coming back. But when?

Read ahead to know more about Ice Poseidon returning back on Twitch post his ban on the platform.

Ice Poseidon had a ban five years back

Twitch streamer Ice Poseidon whose real name is Paul Denino was popular on the Twitch platform with his unique streaming. That was certainly different as he used to stream IRL rather than usual gaming content. However, his presence on the platform was short-lived. As a swatting incident made him have a ban on Twitch.


It was five years back when he had an incident of swatting on a plane. Post which his presence at Twitch wasn’t there . He had a ban on Twitch. Hence, since then he has been missing from the platform. But his recent IG story gives an idea if he’ll come back or not.

Ice Poseidon to come back on Twitch again

While he had a good number of followers of him on Twitch. Certainly everyone has missed him on the platform for so many years. However, Ice’s recent IG story has hinted that he is making a comeback on Twitch again.

Yes, Ice Poseidon via his IG story shared that he is returning to the streaming world. Where his indication was towards Twitch return only. However, he didn’t mention any specific date or time as to when he will begin his streaming.


Fans reaction on Ice Poseidon return to Twitch

Every streamer on Twitch has their own fan following. Among which the IRL streamer too was getting love from his followers. However, post his ban on Twitch, his fans haven’t got any content streaming to watch for five years. Which now they can hope to see all over again.

Ice Poseidon

Hence, post his return announcement via his IG story his fans have been eagerly waiting to know when he’ll begin streaming. Which is likely to happen soon and about it Ice Poseidon will share on his social media too.


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