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CodeMiko, JustAMinx, Botez Sisters sign to Optic Gaming

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Botez Sisters



OpTic Gaming has signed the popular Twitch content creators Botez sisters, CodeMiko, and JustAMinx as per the latest announcement. The popular creators have been growing famous on social media with their content. As all of them have been having their own variety of content for the platform. Though, now they have got their new deal with OpTic Gaming.

Read ahead to know more about OpTic Gaming signing Botez Sisters, JustAMinx, and CodeMiko.

A little about Twitch content creators Botez sisters, CodeMiko and JustAMinx

Twitch has been having some of the most amazing content creators in the world. While the platform is having female content creators the app has good followers too. Some of the creators on the platform having their position at the top are the Botez sisters, CodeMiko & JustAMinx.


Beginning with the Botez sisters then, Alexandra Botez and Andrea Botez are popular for their chess-related content streaming. CodeMiko was on Twitch going popular for her VTuber streams. Though, she had a ban on the platform lately. JustAMinx on the other side is famous on the platform for her streaming of varied types.

OpTic Gaming signs Botez sisters, JustAMinx and CodeMiko

Being famous social media stars and Twitch content creators Botez sisters, JustAMinx and CodeMiko have found their next big deal with OpTic Gaming. In a recent announcement that came on 24th august. It was shared that OpTic Gaming has signed the three Twitch content creators.

Not to miss, their deal with Envy came back in January this year. Further, JustAMinx and CodeMiko even created a buzz when they shared that a TikToker broke into their house, where it was even throwing stones much to a threat for Minx.


Fans’ reaction to Twitch content creators dealing with OpTic Gaming

No doubt, the Botez sisters, JustAMinx, and CodeMiko have all their fan following on social media in millions. However, post their deal with OpTic Gaming they are even happier. Well, for those who don’t know about OpTic Gaming, it is an American eSports organization. That has various games included in it.

Meanwhile, fans of Twitch female creators would be excited to have them join the organization. However, it isn’t yet clear whether the creators will change their location or stay in their hometown.


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