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Disney Imagineer Introduces HoloTile Floor, a Game-Changing Omnidirectional Treadmill Surface for Virtual Reality

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Disney Holotile floor

Image: Disney


Disney engineer and inventor Lanny Smoot has introduced an innovative project from Disney’s Research and Development department known as HoloTile. Described as “the world’s first multi-person, omnidirectional, modular, expandable, treadmill floor,” HoloTile is set to transform the way users experience virtual reality.

What is Disney’s HoloTile Floor?

In a YouTube video, Smoot demonstrated the capabilities of HoloTile, allowing users to walk in any direction without physically moving from the spot or colliding with the real world. This groundbreaking technology promises a multi-person experience where individuals can walk independently, opening up new possibilities for collaborative virtual environments.

The Technology Behind HoloTile

While the video showcased the impressive functionalities of HoloTile, Disney has not disclosed specific details about how the technology operates. Smoot, the inventor behind the project, highlighted its automatic adjustments to ensure users stay on the floor. The system supports multiple users, enabling them to navigate virtual spaces simultaneously.


Disney’s HoloTile Floor: Potential Use Cases

Smoot expressed excitement about the myriad applications for HoloTile. He envisioned scenarios where people in a room could collaboratively experience a different location, making it ideal for activities like sightseeing. The technology could also find applications in theatrical stages, enhancing performances with dancers executing intricate moves. The versatility of HoloTile opens up possibilities, and its full range of applications is yet to be explored.

Challenges in VR Locomotion

The invention addresses a significant challenge in virtual reality – locomotion. Physical movement in VR can lead to collisions with obstacles, while artificial movement may cause discomfort or motion sickness. HoloTile offers a unique solution, providing users with the freedom to walk in any direction without the constraints of physical space.


While HoloTile appears to be a complex technological feat and may not be an immediate consumer solution, it represents a promising advancement in virtual reality experiences. The sleek design and support for multiple users make it an intriguing development in the quest for immersive VR environments. As Disney’s Imagineers continue to push boundaries, HoloTile could pave the way for transformative applications in various industries.


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