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WWE RAW Results from 29 march 2021 | Monday Night Raw Highlights

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The volume continues to increase as WWE champion Bobby Lashley and Drew McIntyre lead their WrestleMania 37 event. The night on WWE Raw continued on Monday, a show where all major men took part.

Lashley has lost control of his temper to the point that Shelton Benjamin and Cedric Alexander have thrown out from The Hurt Company. He has even given him a bounty on Mcintyre’s head. After having lost both of his men, he still found a place to finish the night standing — over McIntyre — and standing on his first world championship. It all took a little help from a SmackDown roster invader. Two main important things took place there  at WWE Raw those have been discussed as below:

The Hurt Business is dissolved by Bobby Lashley

After discussing the bounty of the Lashley show, Lashley turned irony on McIntyre during an official promotion, saying that it would not include incompetence. Cedric Alexander and Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin and Alexander did not agree with this, saying that they wouldn’t want a child to be spoken to.

The Hurt Lock’s submission to Bobby Lashley def. Shelton benjamin. Adam Pearce was approached by Benjamin and Alexander who demanded that Benjamin play a match with Lashley and Alexander play a match this week. Before he fired back and struck two spine busters and securing a Hurt Lock win as Benjamin passed through his hold, Benjamin was almost scored the upset after reaching Paydirt.


King Corbin is trying to raise the prize

Ricochet’s def. Drew McIntyre via Claymore pinfalls. McIntyre has spent a great deal of time waiting for anyone to attack on the team. McIntyre stormed the locker room when the assault never came and asked for someone to fight against him. After nobody took him up, he confronted Ricochet, who said that Lashley’s words were not his concern, but that he was still ready to fight. McIntyre struck a Claymore for the finish after a short match. Then Mustafa Ali hit him from behind.

Drew McIntire def. Mustafa Ali via a Claymore pinfall. McIntyre accepted a match fight with Ali. Ali hit McIntyre’s knee aggressively before the victory could be won by McIntyre and a Claymore. McIntyre got on the mic and requested Lashley to come face to face and finish off him. This took Lashley to the ring, where McIntyre didn’t guarantee he would avoid the match in WrestleMania until saying that the behavior of Lashley proved he was frightened.


Sheamus vs. Riddle on the WWE RAW

Early before Sheamus took hold of strikes in his corner, the two exchanged submissions move. Riddle beat before he returned with a few kicks and sent The Celtic Warrior outside from the apron for a floating Bro as we were going in an advertising break on RAW.

Sheamus hit the White Noise on the apron after the break and an Alabama Slam, but Riddle managed to kick off. Before Sheamus hit one he managed to hit the knee strike and won on RAW.



AJ Styles and Omos were behind the scenes when Drew McIntire asked them about Lashley’s offer. AJ said they wanted to protect the titles of the RAW tag instead.

Shane McMahon had a go at Braun Strowman’s history with Elias and Ryker. He demonstrated and made fun of Braun’s fifth-grade report card, declaring him mentally impaired before his match with Ryker.

As soon as the struggle ends, Mustafa Ali attacks Drew McIntyre.

McIntire Drew vs. Mustafa Alia

Ali attacks the leg of Drew and stops him. Lashley is stopping to see the game. Ali search’s for height and starts on Drew’s leg for Splash. Ali shouts MVP that he goes on the start shot and manages to strike Drew. With a Suplex, McIntyre shocks him. The Glassgow Kiss mid-flight links more Suplees and. For the count of three, he finishes off with the Claymore. Here Drew won the match.


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