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Who will compete in BBQ Brawl Season 3?: Netflix’s American BBQ Showdown winner Tina Cannon and other chefs

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BBQ Brawl Season 3



Nine contestants are ready to battle for the title of the best BBQ chef ever on Food Network’s BBQ Brawl Season 3. 

The series is set to release on 9th May 2022. It will feature Netflix’s American BBQ Showdown winner Tina Cannon and many other renowned chefs.

BBQ Brawl shows BBQ chefs from all across the country battling for the title, Master of ‘Cue. 

Chefs Bobby Flay and Michael Symon serve as the mentors in the series whereas Chefs Moe Cason, Chris Lilly and Amy Mills appear as judges. 

Competitors of BBQ Brawl face tough challenges to survive till the last round.

The one who will win the series is announced as a barbecue champion entirely on the channel. 

BBQ Brawl Season 3 will premiere on 9th May, at 9/8c on Food Network as well as DiscoveryPlus.

The cast list of BBQ Brawl season 3

1) Matthew Roth

Matthew Roth is an owner of an Austin-based bar named Smokin Beauty. His specialities include BBQ food as w3ll as Vietnamese dishes.

2) Michelle Wallace

Michelle Wallace serves as the executive chef on Gatlin’s BBQ team. She completed her culinary training at The Art Institute of Houston. 

3) Don Nguyen

Don Nguyen owns Khoii Barbecue, a BBQ restaurant that is inspired by both Texas as well as Asian influences.  He specialises in dishes of Vietnamese origin.

4) Tony Froyan

Tony Froyan completed his culinary training at The Culinary Institute of America. Following he worked as a director in logistics at the Fire Roasted Catering and served as a manager at Diamond Fantasy, LLC. Presently, he runs a catering business named Fire & Feast in Maywood, New Jersey. 

5) Rashad Jones

According to Rashad Jones’s Twitter account, he is a self-proclaimed ‘Barbeque Nerd’. Rashad is the owner of Big Lee’s, a BBQ restaurant in the Ocala area, Florida. 

6) Sunny Moody

Sunny Moody has been named the World Champion Steak and Pitmaster. She owns Mood Swing BBQ and is a mother to four children. She is a Certified Personal Trainer and a Nutrition Coach.

7) Tina Cannon

Netflix’s American BBQ Showdown winner, Tina Cannon, also has titles such as World Food Champion as well as Georgia BBQ Champion under her belt.

8) James Cruse

James Cruse was awarded the first position in the World Championship Barbecue Cooking Contest held in 2021.

9) Winnie Yee-Lakhani

Winnie Yee-Lakhani is a chef as well as a restaurateur. She likes to fuse eastern and western cooking techniques and flavours. 


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