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Where is Mark Twitchell now? CBS’ 48 Hours explores Dexter Killer’s crimes and letters

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Mark Twitchell

On April 23, 2022, CBS News aired 48 Hours: The Dexter Killer, based on filmmaker turned murderer Mark Twitchell. The show told the story of one of history’s oddest copycat killers. Following the assassination of Johnny Altinger, the show explores the investigations that led to the arrest of aspiring serial killer Mark Twitchell, who blurred the borders between fiction and reality.

For his tactics of imitating Dexter Morgan, the major character in the Showtime drama, he was dubbed the Dexter Killer (played by Michael C Hall). With the help of newfound letters and anecdotes from his time plotting the murders, the show went deep into the prospective serial killer’s psyche in the most recent episode of 48 Hours.

Who is Mark Twitchell? What actually happened?

Mark Twitchell, 29, was a budding filmmaker at the time. Mark Twitchell pretended to be a film director to plot a perfect murder, inspired by his screen hero Dexter Morgan.

He was so obsessed with the TV show Dexter, about a serial killer who kills for vengeance. Mark constructed a “killer chamber” where he dismembered victims like the character in the show.

Twitchell pretended to be a lady in a chat room in October 2008 and set up a date with Johnny Altinger, 38, whom he later murdered in cold blood. Twitchell was savagely beaten and stabbed his victim before dismembering him on his garage table.

Tetreault managed to escape his captor after discovering that his gun was made of plastic, but he did not say anything out of embarrassment.

Johnny Altinger, his next victim, was not so fortunate. Johnny worked in the quality control department of an oilfield equipment manufacturing business in Edmonton. He used online dating services and met Jen, a woman he liked. After informing his buddies that he would be gone for the weekend, he left to meet Jen.

When he didn’t show up and his close friends received suspicious correspondence claiming he’d gone to Costa Rica with Jen, they alerted the authorities. Fortunately, one of his pals knew where he was headed for his alleged date with Jen. Authorities tracked down the address and discovered a garage rented under Mark Twitchell’s identity.

Twitchell was singled out as the key suspect when his tale fell apart during questioning. Soon after, the authorities acquired a document titled “SK Confessions” from Twitchell’s computer. It contained all of the details of Johnny’s murder. It also contained information about a prey that had gotten away. Twitchell claimed the material was a script to the authorities.


What is Mark Twitchell doing now?

Twitchell alleged that he killed Johnny in self-defense during an altercation between the two. He later attempted to dispose of the body due to his panic.

Mark was found guilty of first-degree murder in April 2011 and given a life sentence with the chance of parole after 25 years. He’s still in the Saskatchewan Federal Penitentiary, where he keeps a close eye on Dexter. He was the subject of a book by Steve Lillebuen.


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