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The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 7 Release Date and Time, Recap, Spoilers

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The walking dead Season 11 Episode 7

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 7 will be the 160th episode of The Walking Dead, the American horror television series, based on a comic book with the same name. In the United States AMC broadcasts the series. It is also available at Disney+ Hotstar. Until now, we have received 11 seasons. The series received a positive response from critics globally. The films were nominated for different awards like the Golden Globe Awards, Writers Guild Of American Awards. The series also gets an 8.2 rating out of 10 on IMDb. The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 6 is such a blood-curdling, ghastly, and quivering episode. This is the episode that got released recently. 

Before the recap begins, this article has surrounded by many spoilers. If you haven’t seen the 6th episode yet, and don’t want to get the surprises spoiled, do not proceed

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 6: Recap

So, what are we expecting from this episode! The Pope Tests Daryl’s royalty, Kelly fossicking for Connie by leaving Alexandria. When Aaron’s group left Connie to die in the cave collapse, fortunately, she is alive because of Virgil. Read further below!

The whole episode branches through a complete horror plot such as yellow-eyeball staring, feral beings crawling by the wall, knife stabbing through the wall, and so other freaking moments are horrifying. 

Here comes Connie and Virgil:

When Connie and Virgil squandering through the woods to find a place to hide. They found a secluded house, Poor Connie and Virgil, they don’t know from outside some mysterious creatures are occupying the place from inside.  

Suddenly, Connie finds that these two are not alone. Freakishly, she sees a yellowed eyeball staring back at her through a bathroom hole. Virgil didn’t do a good enough job checking Connie although he already knows she is deaf. Now, she carves the words “not alone” on a wall. Indeed, the fact that Connie hearing impairment gives the episode more mind captivating. 

Also, we hear Connie’s soundless experience in the audience hears. The experience is straight from Connie to the audience. Even scarier, the audience sees she gets separated from Virgil. Then, we can only hear the silence of what Connie hears. 

When Connie gets trapped outside the bathroom whereas, Virgil gets inside the bathroom. Abruptly, Connie starts to drub the wall to get attention from Virgil. Unfortunately, Virgil thinks it is coming from one of the humanoids. With a knife in hand, creeping up the wall and decides to stab the wall. When Connie sees a creature creeping towards her, she thumps the wall harder and harder, but in vain, Virgil didn’t witness it is Connie. 

The spine-Chilling moment when the Creature grabbed Virgil from behind. Both start to fight furiously whereas, helplessly watching from behind the wall. Finally, Virgil stabs the feral with his knife in the chest. Suddenly when sees Connie behind the wall, Connie keeps coming away from the wall until it breaks through, they finally get united. Sigh!

The walking dead Season 11 Episode 6

Daryl cuts Frost finger off:

Indeed, Daryl has gone through some tortures. He is been torturing by his own members to misinterpret Pope and other Reapers and to prove he is not with Maggie and Frost. 

When Frost decides not to talk, Daryl decides to cut his finger off; with the pain and pressure he goes through, he admits and describes the place Maggie’s small group is in. He yells, “Yellow House, Town off 283, Antenna, he repeats. 

Daryl is not new to not being careful; yet, he is doing it for his own team and for the sake of turning over the Pope. 

Soon after the Team went on to the location to find and capture Maggie Gabriel, Elijah, Negan. Fortunately, they escaped some time ago. 


When they came back without any clue, Pope actually finds more about Frost before he died. Daryl came to know, he (Pope) also rattled Frost and Maggie’s group before they arrived. 

The Episode ends with Pope sniggered and walk-off with Carver. Before he walks away, he glances at Daryl one last time. Leah too glances and heaving a look and goes off. Does Pope know he is genuine? Let’s have to wait for the next episode! Till then Stay Tuned!

The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 7: Release Date And Time

After the overwhelming response from episode 6, the production team is all set to release “The walking dead Season 11 Episode 7″. It will release on the 3rd of October on TV. The title is ” Promises Broken”. The Walking Dead Season 11 Episode 7 will air at 9 PM EDT.

Where to Watch? You can watch all the episodes on The Walking Dead Season 11 including episode 7 on Disney+ Hotstar or AMC in America.

The Walking Dead Season 11: Official Trailer


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