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Marvel’s What If..? Episode 9 Ending Explained, When will Season 2 Come?

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What if..? Season 2

Marvel Studios’ newest animated television show seems to have been a great hit with superhero comic lovers. Since its release on August 11th, 2021, non-comic book enthusiasts have also liked the show greatly. Each episode of this current offering included a different cast of people. Furthermore, the majority of these figures were comparable to those seen in Marvel films over the last decade or so. And fans are very much excited about the What if..? Season 2. Let’s look a what happened in the last episode What If..? Episode 9

Marvel’s What If..? Episode 9: Recap

Captain Carter begins the episode by reliving the happenings of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in her own universe. She discovers and fights Batroc after reaching the Lemurian Star. However, their encounter ends prematurely as the Watcher arrives to enlist her. The Watcher then travels to the universe where T’Challa has become Star-Lord in order to rescue the Wakandan prince. Who has recently rescued Peter Quill from his father, Ego? Strange Supreme transports the team to a desolate dimension in order to be ready for the confrontation. But Ultron is swiftly alert by Thor’s summoning of lightning.

What if..? Season 2

Although Ultron feels he can dispatch the Watcher’s recruits quickly. Strange Supreme casts a protective enchantment on everybody, making them immune to Ultron’s assaults. T’Challa seizes the chance and takes the Soul Stone from Ultron’s grasp. Strange Supreme establishes a gateway that transports the zombies from Episode 5. Notably, Wanda Maximoff, to occupy him as immediately as all AI detects.

Of course, he easily dispatches her and returns to his native realm. Where the Multiverse’s Guardians are seeking to undermine the Soul Stone. Their strategy, nevertheless, is thrown for a circle when Natasha enters and grabs the jewel. Baffled as to how it could be elsewhere.


The Watcher returns every one of the people to their proper universes at the end of the show. With the exception of Natasha, who he puts in a reality where the Natasha within this reality was slain.

What if..? Season 2

Is there a What If..? Episode 10?

There would be no episode 10 in the first season of What If…?

The reason for this is that the television series only has nine episodes. As well as the volume that’s been broadcast on October 6th was indeed the final episode What If..? Episode 9.

As per Collider, the initial plan for What If…? was for ten episodes. However, due to the Covid-19 epidemic and the resulting work stoppages, one of its episodes had to be cut.

Gamora and Tony Stark team up on Sakaar in an episode that got a push to the back burner. Despite the fact that we didn’t see the entire episode, the two individuals do arrive in episode 9.

What if..? Season 2: Release Date

Season 2 of What If…? has indeed been announcing to come to our televisions.

Collider announced on August 2nd that additional installments are now on the way, confirming the show’s future.

Season 2 of What If…? will have nine episodes, similar to season 1. As per Marvel producers Brad Winderbaum, season 2 might be out as soon as 2022.


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