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Tom Sharkey, Husband of Alexis Sharkey: Instagram Influencer’s Death Explained

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Tom Sharkey

United States Marshals Department discovered Tom Sharkey. A man accused in the tragic death of his wife Alexis Sharkey, is certainly dead, according to NBC News.

Tom’s body has been found at his daughter’s house on Tuesday. October 5th, following his spouse’s demise in November 2020, according to officials.

Alexis Sharkey had been a social media personality who has 88k Instagram followers. After marrying Thomas Sharkey in January 2020, the 26-year-old relocated to Houston. She wedded Thomas in Dec 2019 and the couple has no kids.

The Death Of Alexis Sharkey?

Alexis Sharkey was decease just on the night of November 27th, 2020, as per Houston Police and KHOU 11. After being notified disappeared. The Instagram influencer’s remains were discovered the next day. On the edge of the highway west of the city of Houston. A representative for the Harris County Institute of Forensic Sciences acknowledged Alexis’ death by strangulation in January of this year.


“We have been told there had been a history of abuse seen between two of companions. And also that the partnership was going to end even though there was an awaiting divorce,”. Houston officers said during a press conference. There’s also conclusive proof that Thomas Sharkey must have lied about something.

Who Was Tom Sharkey?

Tom Sharkey was Alexis Sharkey’s spouse. He was born and raised in Fort Myers, Florida, and seemed to be 50 years old.

US Officers reported on Tuesday, October 5th. That he had been found deceased when they began examining a home in Fort Myers, Florida. Tom has a daughter, and he has been discovered deceased at her residence, according to reports. According to NBC News, police filed charges for Thomas Sharkey. On September 29th with “the purpose to prosecute him with homicide when he was in captivity.”


Sharkey committed suicide, according to Houston officials. After learning that authorities were station at the residence where he was living with a family in Fort Myers.
According to authorities, an arrest warrant was obtained on Sept. 29 with the intention of charging him with homicide when he was in custody.

Tom Sharkey

Till Wednesday, authorities have never formally identified Tom Sharkey as a suspect in his wife’s murder. According to officials, detectives determined that Tom Sharkey used to have a record of violence. And also that the pair were divorcing. Alexis Sharkey did not file a spousal abuse complaint. But she told everyone else that her partner had physically hurt her.


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