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Lookism Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

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Lookism season 2



Lookism season 2 is making all excited all over again as after the first season of it everyone has been talking about season 2. Well, finally we have some updates on the same that you can know. The very first season of the Netflix series Lookism did fairly well as viewers even loved the webtoon it was based on. But what might come with its season 2 now?

Read ahead to know more about Lookism season 2 and all its latest updates.

Lookism season 2 release date

Lookism season 1 just came on Netflix this December in 2022. While viewers are still trying to find what they love about this series. Some have already begun to think about its future and if season 2 could come out of it or not. Well, with season 1 just here we surely can’t have another season announced so soon.


So yes, for now, we have no idea when season 2 of Lookism will release. Moreover, it hasn’t been announced yet. As Netflix takes time to decide if they can give a green signal to a series or not depending on its viewership and ratings too. Thus we will have to wait for it.

Who could be in the cast of Lookism season 2?

We are still to know if Lookism season 2 will be announced or not. Hence, expecting the cast is all we can do. As most of its cast is expected to be back for season 2 provided they are confirmed. So, you’ll get to see Daniel Park, Lee Eun Tae Ho, and Hong Jae Yeol.

Further, you can see the cast has Lee Jin Sung, Kim Mi Jin, Park Ha Neul, Choi Soo Jung, and many more. Yet, that’s just speculation by now as we don’t have Lookism season 2 announced with its cast so far.

What could be the plot of Lookism season 2? Is there any trailer?

Lookism is an interesting story based on society’s standards of looking in a perfect way to be acceptable. Daniel Park is the main hero of the story who is dealing with bullies he has to face for his overweight. But once we get the second season of Lookism announced. We might get to see something more interesting.

As Daniel now has body to switch into that’s having handsome and charming traits. Hence, we might see him now how he enjoys that and what he understands and changes about society. Unfortunately, we have no trailer for it now too.


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