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Hellbound Season 1 Release Date, Time & Plot: Where To Watch Online?

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Hellbound Season 1

Hellbound Season 1: A new series is going to release that is a dystopian drama series which has an influence of “Train to Busan” directed by Yeon Sang-ho. The theme of the series is different and are not looking good. A horrific supernatural occurrence can be visible in this series that is related to giving death sentences to individuals. After this incident, the next scene shows a swarm of monsters that attacks from nowhere which leads to the blast of the victim to hell.

The reason behind the existence of the monsters was even the motive of spreading terror by the two religious organizations. If you are searching for a source from where you can watch Hellbound season 1 on the online platform, then this article will surely help you.

Hellbound Season 1

A religious organization, the New Truth Society, has a chairman whose name is Jeong Jin-Soo (starring Yoo Ah-in). He just watches the monsters making chaos increasing day by day. His nature has led to warning mankind of the monster’s existence.

According to the religious organizations that are creating such monsters to warn mankind Things that monsters are angels. As per their theory, the people whom the monsters killed are sinners.

Where to Watch Hellbound Season 1?

If you are searching for Hellbound Season 1 on Amazon Prime videos, Hulu, and Disney+ Hotstar then you will not get it there because they don’t have listed it on their catalog. The only platform from where you can get the series is Netflix. It is the original production of Netflix therefore is not available over any other online video streaming platform. The show was released on 19th November 2021 at 3:00 AM, Eastern Time, United States.


All the episodes were made available to the users at the same time for stop it is a series of six episodes and has a scary narrative. People should exercise caution while watching it because it can haunt them.

Hellbound Season 1

The narrative of the series is based on the citizens of South Korea who are pursued by an unknown entity. The technology used in this series will help people to monitor the date and time of their death.

You can purchase a Netflix subscription at $8.99  and can access all the programs available. If you want to purchase a Netflix subscription that offers higher definition or good video quality then the cost is $13.99 or $17.99 for a month.

With our experience, we can say that you should definitely go for the Hellbound Season 1 series and will surely like it.


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