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Billions Season 6 (2022) Episode 1 Release Date, Time, and Ending Explained

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Billions Season 6 Episode 1

Billions Season 6 Episode 1: Season 5 Episode 12 ‘No Direction Home’ is a fitting title for the finale. As Brilliant hedge fund Tycoon Bobby Axelrod, Axe, played by Damian Lewis Faces decades in prison because axe bank decided to take in illegal cannabis revenue. After setting down the celebration cigars at the end of episode 11. Axe was facing substantial jail time, potentially 20 to 25 years in prison for sub suspected money laundering accusations. Janine Garofalo’s Director Don Winslow, a former music producer was imprisoned at the end of the episode.

In Billions Season 5 Episode 12, we have reached a conclusion eventually that who would win the battle between Prince and Axe. In the previous episode, we have reached that there is no conclusion coming, especially when there was a time to reveal the secret of Prince scandal before the whole world. Prince was ready to confront Axe. So in short, Prince was looking for a major client and Axe was ready to steal it for his bank. The client likes Prince idea of Hypercube. On the other hand, Axe decided to carry on with the idea of being a stream advertisement to this client. The company is a lawful weed company. Axe did not notice the setup, he was going into. What can we expect from Billions season 5, episode 12?


Billions Season 5 Episode 12: Recap

Due to the covid phase, we see Axe under quarantine. He was so excited about Axe bank and to make some money from there. He let his associates handle his business. Mike’s daughter visited him to join his business. He decided to help with Hypercube. They needed clients who could invest. Mike’s daughter meets the company’s CEO Dawn Winslow. While this meeting carries on, Axe keeps his eyes on them. Scooter was really impressed by her. He said the next generation is very brilliant. Wagner offers her a chance to work with Fine Young Cannabis to the mainstream media. Franklin’s daughter has him arrested.

Billions Season 6 Episode 1

Mike makes fun of Axe. He was very furious and it made his deal with Cannabis, and he offers 3% interest. Without thinking much, Winslow signs it. Later, Mike Prince discloses that all of this is a trap for Axe to send him to jail. Wagner tells Axe that he is buying something illegal.

Billions Season 6 Episode 1: Expected Plot

 The episode is, “No Direction Home”. As of now, there is no official trailer out. We still can make a guess from the synopsis of the episode that there is going to be a war between the US attorney and the fund king in the courtroom. From the end of the scene of the last episode, we can assume that we will see Axe behind the bars. Prince is celebrating his victory, and his daughter and Gail are learning new things.

Billions Season 6 Episode 1

Billions Season 6 Episode 13: Release Date and Time

Billions Season 6 Episode 1 will release on Sunday, January 23, 2022, at 6 PM ET/PT on SHOWTIME. The title of Billions Season 6 Episode 1 is “Cannonade”. Episode 1 will be written by Brian Koppelman and David Levien.

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Billions Season 6 (2022) Official Teaser


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