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Ahsoka Season 2 Expected Release Date, Updates, and Other Details

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Ahsoka Season 2

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Ahsoka season 2 is creating a buzz on the internet and fans are curious to know if the series will be back with another season. It was the Ahsoka series that brought the Star Wars animated thrill with its characters back for the viewers. But with the first season just dropped. We already have excitement building up for another season.

Read ahead to know more about if Ahsoka season 2 is announced or not and other updates on it.

Is Ahsoka season 2 coming?

It was only this October that the final episodes of Ahsoka season 1 dropped. Fans have already got plenty of scope for a season 2 with the cliffhanger season 1 left behind. However, if we talk about the official confirmation of season 2 of Ahsoka. Then surely nothing has been announced about that yet.

However, as per some reports, it is said that Ahsoka 2 is in the early stages of its development. Yet, the SAG-AFTRA strike has halted several projects and one of them is Ahsoka 2 as well. Also, due to numerous Star Wars shows to be released in the coming times. We are doubtful if Ahsoka 2 could arrive soon.

Who could be in the cast of Ahsoka season 2?

Though it’s too early to expect Ahsoka season 2. The cast for the same can also be assumed to make their way back. We can be quite certain that some of the characters to come back. Rosario Dawson as Ahsoka Tano, and Natasha Liu Bordizzo as Mandalorian Rebel Sabine Wren to reprise their role.

Also, we can have Mary Elizabeth Winstead as New Republic General Hera Syndulla. Ray Stevenson as Jedi Baylan Skoll won’t return as months back he passed away. Although, that’s not the official cast confirmation yet. We may have to wait for it.

Ahsoka Season 2
Credit: Disney

More about Ahsoka Season 2

With season 2 of Ahsoka being unannounced. We are merely left to speculate about every aspect of it. As no hints have been dropped about it yet. Looking at the first season of the series, we saw Dave Filoni as the director of the season. Hence, it would be interesting to see if Dave continues to direct the next season too.

There’s no trailer for season 2 as it’s way too early for the same. But once the trailer drops for the season 2. We may get to know a lot about the series’ future. Meanwhile, the first season has already aired last month with some episodes dropped this month too to watch till you don’t get updates on Ahsoka season 2.


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