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The Trailer Of “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” Reboot Dropped and Some People Are Confused

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fresh prince of bel-air reboot



It has been announced that “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” Will Smith’s beloved sitcom from the 1990s, will return on NBC’s Peacock streaming service as “Bel-Air,” recently aired for six seasons.

Although fans of the original show may expect something different, the new show looks quite different. Bel-Air, a drama reimaging the original story with darker overtones, replaces the half-hour show with an hourlong production.

Viewers Are Confused With The Reboot Trailer

Viewers have pointed out that there are some differences. One notable difference is that Uncle Phil and Aunt Viv seem much younger in the new series. On Twitter, one user commented that his biggest complaint with the reboot was that Uncle Phil was too small. And another said that Uncle Phil isn’t even fat. “f*** this show”.

People might not want to watch this reboot if Uncle Phil is a spry, healthy older man instead of a sturdy one.

As the new patriarch of the family, Adrian Holmes replaces the late James Avery. Some have questioned the casting of Adrian Holmes. 

In Olly Sholotan’s portrayal of Cousin Carlton, he is not the same nerdy Alfonso Ribeiro with a token funny dance. With biceps that are toned and a friend circle that includes lacrosse players, he appears cool enough.


New trailer: What’s in it?

Will Smith’s sitcom “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, which aired for six seasons in the 1990s, is being rebooted as “Bel-Air” on Peacock, the streaming service from NBC. Streaming of the series is set to begin on February 13, according to Peacock. The series’ first trailer was released on Monday.

In the trailer, Will is given some advice about his new life in Los Angeles. This town will try to make you forget who you are and where you came from,” his best friend Jazz says. “Don’t let it do that.”

“The reboot reimagines the famous comedy The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air with a new, dramatic take on Will’s journey from the streets of West Philadelphia to the gates of Bel-Air in modern-day America,” according to the show’s YouTube summary.

In a world that is far different from the one, he has grown up in. Will grapples with the conflicts, emotions, and biases of a second chance he never could have imagined.

fresh prince of bel-air reboot

Viewers’ Reactions To The Upcoming Reboot

Someone tweeted that they are a little conflicted about this. “It looks interesting but I liked the fun nature of ‘Fresh Prince.’ 

They could have chosen to make the most 2020s thing they could have done by taking a loved, lighthearted, comedy from the 90s and transforming it into a dark, edgy remake.


One of the reviewers said that ‘Fresh Prince’ dealt with some heavier material from time to time, but essentially, it was about family.


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