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The Fungies! creator Stephen P. Neary shares his disappointment over HBO Max axing the show

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The Fungies

Stephen P. Neary, the creator of The Fungies! has criticized HBO Max for canceling the animated series.

Here is everything you need to know.

The Fungies! creator Stephen P. Neary slam HBO Max

Stephen P. Neary took to Twitter on Thursday to share a series of comments to slam HBO Max for pulling their cartoon series.

He wrote in the first tweet, ‘Last night during a figure drawing class I found out that ‘The Fungies!’ was getting pulled from HBO Max this week. I’m heartbroken but I want to take this opportunity to thank all the amazing artists and production folks for their hard work on this sincere, fever dream of a show.’

Neary further shared the tumultuous process they went through for the show’s production.

He shared in his tweet thread, ‘We worked so hard through the pandemic, and I hoped that diligence would be rewarded with support from the network. Was promised the show would air on Cartoon Network, which would drive views to HBO Max, but soon after launch, the show was pulled from the air without notice.’

The animator then added, ‘There was little to no promotion. Although I was graciously asked to speak on a mushroom podcast, a company representative monitored the taping so that I wouldn’t give away any ‘spoilers’ to the show.’

Neary claimed that ‘more well-known shows’ are being lately purged from the streaming service. He said that these prove that they are ‘uninformed, money-driven decisions.’

Neary said in one of his tweets, ‘My heart goes out to the other shows affected, and the beautiful work getting canceled before even airing. I’m going to keep making stuff! Even if it’s just for me. It’s what I’ve always done since I was very very little. Thanks, everyone.’


The series is among the 30 titles that are slated to remove from the library of HBO Max.

The Fungies

More about The Fungies!

The Fungies! debuted their first season on HBO Max in August 2020. They further went on to release two more seasons before concluding the series with their third season in December 2021.

The show is set in a prehistoric mythological metropolis called Fungietown. The place is inhabited by strange fungi-looking inhabitants with occasional features of dinosaurs. 

It follows the adventure of a young mushroom named Seth whose love for science mostly ends up getting him in trouble.

The voice cast includes Sam Richardson, Jennifer Coolidge, Terry Gross, and Stephen P. Neary among many more.


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