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Suitor Armor Episode 47 Release Date and Time, Recap

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Suitor Armor Episode 47

Suitor Armor Episode 47: Suitor Armor is a fantasy Webtoon Original created by Purpah. It is a Fantasy anime with 38+ episodes. Suitor Armor was first released on September 17, 2020, and is still ongoing. Webtoon will start releasing new episodes weekly and will keep going for a while.

The latest episode released this week only. Unlike most webtoons, this series is consistent and weekly. Now we will be looking at the recap of Episode 46. The characters of the show are Lucia, Kirsi, Modeus, and Norixx.

Suitor Armor Episode 46 – Recap

In Episode 46, Lucia is very unhappy and uneasy as she knows that there is still ongoing war. Norixx suggests she take some rest, and not worry about the war. She needs to pretend, throughout the ceremony. It feels very guilty and sad whenever she pretends to be okay. She gets guilty and confused and just wants to remain loyal to the fairies, and she does not know now when she is pretending.


Norixx was having a clear aim, to make her feel better. She has been feeling a lot of mixed emotions, so this was a huge burden on her. A lot is happening continuously along with the wedding.

Suitor Armor Episode 47

 It was a big ceremony and a lot of guests attended it, and Lucia decided that she will decide something by the end of the ceremony. She will take her judgment after looking at all the factors. Whatever she will decide will, eventually, but impact the war. Lucia just wants to be loyal to her fairies.

Lucia was dancing with Norixx, who just wanted to quit the duties of a mage. For now, for the day, she just wants to enjoy the wedding. A lot of things are going to happen in the upcoming chapters.

Suitor Armor Episode 47 – Release Date and Time

Suitor Armor Episode 47 is set to release on Friday 13 August 2021 on Webtoon. Every Thursday, new episodes are lined up. No delays can happen as Webtoon is very consistent with their shows and anime. In Episode 47, Lucia will take her decision which will change the situation of the ongoing war. Lucia is busy right now, as she’s looking at all the aspects.

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