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“Shang-Chi” Post Credit Scene and Ending Explained

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Shang Chi Scene

There was a massive release of Shang-Chi and Ten Rings worldwide on September 2nd, 2021. It seems to be another hit to Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this article, we will discuss Shang-Chi ending scene, Mid-Credit Scene, and Post-Credit Scene.

This post has various spoilers. ALERT!

Who is Shang-Chi? What is his historical background?

Shang-Chi (starring Simu Liu) is a so-called superhero from China. The Shang-Chi comes to the U.S. with his extraordinary talent in Martial Arts. He wants to escape from his father Wenwu who is a tyrant. Shang-Chi strongly believes that his dead mother is not literally dead but she is imprisoned in Ta Lo. She is now belonging to an extraordinarily remarkable dimension. Yet, this movie is a packed-up thriller action. It varies from its other contemporary movies from MCU. Extraterrestrial, Interdimensional(pocket) variations are explained in an awesome way. This shows a clear hint to fans that Shang-Chi is getting into the Avengers team. This is because, in the comics’ version, Shang-Chi is clearly mentioned as a joining Avenger.

Shang Chi Scene

What is a pocket dimension?

To understand what the pocket dimension is, one has to understand what the Parallel universe is. To put the Parallel Universe in short, each Universe has its own solar system, a separate sun and, individual Earth and galaxy such as Milkyway and Andromeda. So each avenger takes care of their Universe. All these universes have the same physical law and reality. But, only the possible changes.

Whereas, The pocket dimension is a realm. This realm has only one planet. Yet, this doesn’t The village mentioned in the movie, Ta Lo is also a pocket dimension. Surprisingly, The way to pocket dimension is on the earth.
Like all the MCU films, Shang-Chi is also an adrenaline-fueled, alive performance throughout the story. This film has one Mid-credit and a post-credit scene. We have also covered the End of this legendary movie. So, spoilers alert!
Let’s go through it one by one now!

The Ending:

The antagonist Mandarin is keen on finding Ta Lo. When he was in the work to find the dimension, he sees a girl. They both falling in love and gets married. Shockingly, when everyone says Mandarin’s wife died, he strongly believes that she is not dead but, the village people imprisoned her in a mountain. But, in the mountain, there is a mystical beast. This beast is one of the fear lords which eats the soul and gets lives long.

Shang Chi Scene

Yet the most important thing here is, the beast lives in a separate dimension. Now, the beast comes to Ta Lo, a different dimension. The beast begins to kill everyone it sees. Whereas, another mystical dragon saves all people from the grip of the fear lord. Plus, the dragon fights with the beast and imprisons in the mountain. The beast couldn’t hold it back to its place. So, it started to manipulate Mandarin. While Mandarin thought that his wife is calling but the beast is calling out for his help. Whereas, Mandarin sets the beast free. Although, Shang-Chi tries to stop it. But all went in vain. Then, Mandarin was killed by the horrible beast. Later with the help of the 10 rings, the Mandarin had killed the beast.

Shang-Chi mid-credit scene – Detailed Explanation:

The massive movie comes to the end; when Shang-Chi tells his success story to his friends in a hotel. To their surprise, Wong ( Benedict Wong) comes to the hotel using the portal. He wants Shang-Chi to come with him to his Sanctum. The mid-credit scene is that When Shang-Chi goes to his place; he finds that the place is not like a sanctum but a library or like a godown. Yet, The time this scene happened is not yet clear.

Shang-Chi shows his precious 10 rings to Wong. He is admiring the 10 rings and says he hasn’t seen any object like that. It is clear that each ring has separate rules written on it. He is detailing it and becoming familiar with the rings.
The most unexpected moment unveils. The famous Bruce Banner and Carol Danvers(Captain Marvel) appear. Not in person but in Holographic Form. This form is first introduced in Avengers – Endgame. It is surprising that how Wong gave this technological balance for Bruce and Carol to contact.

Yet, the most surprising moment is that Bruce Banner is in his own being. Yes, he is; He is not the Professor Hulk now; Professor is calm and condensed now. There is a clear clue that Bruce going to be described as a powerful person in this human form. Professor Hulk has found a new form of surprising the fans now.

Shang Chi mid credit

Here comes the question, how and why Professor Hulk became Bruce Banner in this version. There is various perception given here. Firstly, Professor Hulk would have become Bruce due to less gamma radiation. As the Endgame is completed, Bruce doesn’t want to be there in the lab now. So, less gamma radiation. Secondly, The Soccer of supreme might have split the soul from Hulk back in the Endgame series.


Thirdly, in Avengers’ end game, Captain America and Black widow go to Hulk because he is brilliant in handling Time Machine. so he has the talent to change from child to old man or old man to child.

Now, Bruce asks about the rings’ origin. He says it could be Chitauri. This is the kind of race of the extraterrestrial shapeshifters in Marvel Comic books.

Moreover, Carol discovers that she hasn’t seen any alien technology in the rings so far. When Shang-Chi says that Wenwu ( Shang-Chi’s father) possess the Ten Rings for thousand years. With intelligent thought, Bruce says that Ten Rings is antique. It is older than thousand years.

Wong alerts by saying that Since Shang-Chi started to use the Rings, the signal is going somewhere! it sends a message to someplace, But where? there comes the question. This can be revealed in marvel’s next movie Eternals. (releasing November 5th)

Then, Carol leaves the hologram and says to communicate with her when wanted. Whereas, Bruce says an interesting note “Welcome to the Circus”. Hence, Wong witnesses that the new life is not easy and simple. So, they needed good rest for some time. So, for fun, they did the Karaoke night that they did so many years ago.

Post-Credit scene – Detailed Explanation:

The post-credits scene comes after when all the credits have shown. This post-credit scene focuses on Shang-Chi’s sister named Xialing. It looks like she is taking over the ten rings but with some transformation.

Post Credit

She might become an antagonist in the future sequel. By showing the ten rings flag and by saying the ten rings will return; Marvel studios are insinuating that Shang-Chi’s sister might end up being a Super-Villian, probably carrying the legacy of the infamous Mandarin in the oncoming probable sequel.

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