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‘Resident Evil Season 2’ Canceled By Netflix

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Resident Evil

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Netflix is not ordering a second season of the live-action television adaptation of Resident Evil.

Here is everything you need to know.

Netflix cancels Resident Evil Season 2 

Netflix is opting not to renew a sequel to the adaptation of the Capcom survival horror series,  Resident Evil.

The show originally debuted with its first season last month on the 14th of July. The season included eight action thriller-filled episodes.

Although the series started great with it being ranked in the second position in its debut week. However, the show quickly fell off Netflix’s top 10 rankings radar in the coming few weeks. 

Netflix’s Resident Evil faced lukewarm reception from viewers and critics alike. Rotten Tomatoes gave a 55 percent approval rating for the show.

The critics’ consensus statement on the site says, ‘While Resident Evil comes closer than previous adaptations to honoring the beloved video games’ labyrinthine lore, this zombie serial could still use more brains.’

Resident Evil
Credit: Netflix

The series takes place in the year 2036, specifically fourteen years after a deadly virus hit the earth resulting in a global apocalypse.

It centers around Jade Wesker as she fights for survival in a place overrun by blood-thirsty and infected creatures. 

However, Jade is haunted by the past when she and her sister Billie Wesker moved to New Raccoon City alongside their father Albert Wesker.

The story alternated between two timelines with Jade’s battle for survival and the past where she discovered her father’s connection to Umbrella Corporation.

More about Resident Evil

Resident Evil featured a diverse cast consisting of Ella Balinska, Adeline Rudolph​​​​​​​, Paola Núñezz, and Lance Reddick. They starred as Jade Wesker, Billie Wesker, Evelyn Marcus​​​​​​​ , and Albert Wesker respectively.

Meanwhile, Anthony Oseyemi​​​​​​​, Connor Gosatti, and Ahad Raza Mir​​​​​​​ returned for the series. The recurring stars also included Pedro de Tavira Egurrola​​​​​​​, Ella Zieglmeier, Turlough Convery​​​​​​​ , and Emily Child. 


Andrew Dabb developed the first season of Resident Evil. He also served as the showrunner and an executive producer.

Furthermore, Oliver Berben, Robert Kulzer, and Bronwen Hughes also were the execs on the show.

Moreover, Mary Leah Sutton wrote the script with Constantin Film CEO Martin Moszkowicz producing the series. The studio was Constantin Film.

The latest series was Netflix’s second television adaptation of the Resident Evil franchise. It came after the animated miniseries titled series Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness released in 2021. The show starred voice actors such as Nick Apostolides and Stephanie Panisello.


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