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‘One Right Now’: Post Malone & The Weeknd First-Ever Collaboration; Listen to It Now

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One Right Now (Post Malone & The Weeknd)

The Weeknd and Post Malone are perhaps the two popular and great pop stars of the broadcasting period. In the past few years, they have acquired 10 chart-topping bangs or hits. Post Malone and The Weeknd haven’t appeared on a song together before. The two of them are creative collaborators, but they haven’t connected the streams yet. Fortunately, that’s about to change soon. The Weeknd and Post Malone both shared an exceptionally concise Instagram teaser for their song “One Right Now” last night.

New Song “One Right Now”

According to the sources, it will be a synthy midtempo club track. “You’re a stain on my legacy” is the one lyric that we hear properly and it’s quite funny as well.

Later, Post sings: “Don’t call me ‘baby’ when you did me so wrong.” The Weeknd adds in his second verse: “You’re a stain on my legacy/ We can’t be friends, can’t be family (Oh)/ You probably fuck all my enemies (Oh)/ I can’t let you be next to me/ Oh, you belong to the world now/ So just me leave me alone now/ We’re not in touch no more.”

Dre London, manager of Post Malone also shared the song along with the caption which says the song is named “One Right Now.” On Friday, this song will be out.

One Right Now

Post Malone first single album

From Post Malone’s fourth studio album, ‘One Right Now’ represents the first single album. Over the summer, Malone released the song ‘Motley Crew.’

Therefore his last record, Post Malone has presented on so many other artists’ tracks, comprising Big Sean alliance ‘Wolves’, Ozzy Osbourne cut ’It’s A Raid’, and Ty Dolla $ign’s ‘Spicy.’

Both Post Malone and The Weeknd released their singles lately. The Weeknd has come up with its “Take My Breath” in August, along with a collaboration with the Swedish House Mafia for “Moth To A Flame” two weeks ago.


In the month of July, Post Malone launched “Motley Crew.” However, both were not a huge success, and maybe because of this reason that this duo has decided to band together now.

Last month Posty Fest 2021, Post Malone’s festival was terminated because of “governmental issues”.

Since 2019, it was confirmed to be the first Posty Fest, as last year’s occasion was postponed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“One Right Now” Spotify


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