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On My Block Season 4 Premieres on Netflix: More About The Season And Spin-off

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On My Block Season 4

On My Block which is Netflix’s hit series debuted its highly anticipated fourth season on October 4. The series returned to Netflix on Monday for season 4. It was followed after a long break. Many of the Netflix series was canceled after only one season on the streaming service. In order to last multiple seasons on Netflix, a show must make flow. A show is always remarkable when it goes on air for more than two seasons.  Obviously, the series’ fans are ecstatic on social media. Our favorite East LA crew is returning for one last season of adventures after a year of big changes and social distancing.

On My Block Season 4: Cast

The series has four smart, hilarious, and street-savvy kids as they navigate high school in Los Angeles. They put their lifelong friendship into the experiment. All of the show’s main characters are back, as we follow Ruby (Jason Genao), Jamal (Brett Gray), Monse (Sierra Capri

), and Cesar (Diego Tinoco). Fan favorites Jessica Marie Garcia as Jasmine and Julio Macias as Oscar, known as Spooky, have also appeared on the show.

On My Block Season 3: Ending Explained

Season 3 finished on a tragic note. Season 3 got ended up with Monse departing Freeridge for a private boarding school. It followed with the season-long search for neighborhood icon Lil’ Ricky. It all ended in Big Bad Cuchillos’ mysterious death. Ruby, Jamal, and Cesar escorted her away, assuring that the four friends would not meander apart.

The show then added a surprise epilogue with a two-year time jump, revealing that the pals had stopped communicating. Monse is attending boarding school and making new contacts. Jamal has returned to the football team, but he refuses to speak to Ruby, who is still dating Jasmine. Cesar and Spooky, on the other hand, appear to have switched positions. Cesar is Santo’s leader and Spooky is married and expecting a child with his lover.

On My Block Season 4

On My Block Season 4 details

Without giving anything away, season 4 contains a lot of twists and turns as it tries to figure out if and how Monse, Cesar, Jamal, and Ruby will reunite. Because this is an adolescent drama, there are a lot of unanswered issues about relationships. Season 4 follows up two years after season 3, with all having moved on. When the truth is revealed, they rapidly learn you can’t flee from the past, and they will need to band together to survive. Season 4 of On My Block has 10 episodes.


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