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Netflix Stay Close Season 2 Renewed or Canceled?

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This New Year’s eve, those who cannot attend new year’s parties are searching for new series that they can enjoy watching. Some people are excited to know about the new season of the Stay Close series on Netflix. Some people have seen the first season of the Stay Close Series in no time, as they have done binge-watching.

The storyline of the series, which is directed by Daniel O’Hara, has focused its crime-drama theme totally on a photojournalist, a homicide detective, and a soccer mom. All of them had been unfortunately plagued by some of the past event’s effects that have left them shocked.

This series contains a total of eight episodes in which the whole story is explained. People are curious to know whether more episodes are available or not. Some of the fans are waiting for the second season of the Stay Close series to get released on Netflix. Today, we will talk about the Stay Close Season 2 and see whether it is renewed on Netflix or not.


Is Stay Close Renewed for Season 2?

We have not received any official information about the Stay Close Season 2 yet. We believe that if the second season of the Stay Close series was to be released then Netflix or the creators must have announced about it through its official mediums, but they have not done anything to date.

As per sources, the Stay Close series has been strictly billed as a TV miniseries. It means that the writers have explained the entire story in the first season only. There is only little reason to hope for the second season as everything was wrapped in the first installment itself.

The tale of the Stay Close series was based on Harlan Coben’s 2012 novel which has the same name. The story written in the book is proof that the entire story has been covered in the single-season of the Stay Close series. But people were expecting the second season.

As per the plans, more novels of Harlan Coben will be turned into a new series on Netflix soon. Therefore as of now, it is not worth thinking of old books as he has more books to use for creating interesting series.

stay close netflix

Harlan Coben’s Statement

In an interview, Harlan Coben talked about his five-year Netflix deal in which his 14 books were to be turned into movies and series. He was asked whether this deal was still his goal or not for which he replied with a statement.

He said, “I don’t know. The Innocent comes out April 30, followed by Gone for Good in France, then Stay Close in the UK. Then I’m not sure. We will look to make future series in various countries, we are developing three others right now that I can’t talk about, one of which is in a new territory.”

He continued by saying, “it might end up being more original ideas and fewer novels, for example- Safe was one of Harlan’s original ideas. It’s something Netflix and I will talk about and we will decide together.”


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