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Netflix’ Blonde Release Date, Cast, and Trailer

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netflix blonde trailer



Marilyn Monroe is a Hollywood star who was as well known for her work on screen as she was for being a fashion symbol and the topic of celebrity gossip off it. With the 2022 film Blonde, starring Ana de Armas as Monroe, Marilyn is back on the big screen (or at least online).

This is not the first time Monroe has been the subject of a film. There have been several documentaries about the actress, including The Mystery of Marilyn Monroe: The Unheard Tapes, which will be available on Netflix in 2022. There have also been two prior fiction films on Monroe, Marilyn and Me, starring Susan Griffins as Monroe, and My Week with Marilyn, starring Michelle Williams, for which she received an Oscar Award nomination.

When will Blonde be released?

On September 23, Netflix will premiere the film Blonde.

Blonde’s release date is prefaced with “only on Netflix,” as seen in the teaser video below, implying that the film would not be shown in theatres. Blonde, on the other hand, will need to have some kind of theatrical release if it wants to be considered for Oscars, as the Academy Awards has reinstated the rule that any film wishing to be considered for awards must have a theatrical release(opens in new tab) between January 1, 2022, and December 31, 2022. So don’t be surprised if Netflix screens Blonde for at least a week before releasing it on Netflix.


Marilyn Monroe is played by Ana de Armas

It’s no simple task to fill the shoes of a legend, but Ana de Armas is up to the task in Blonde, where she plays Marilyn Monroe.

Ana de Armas has quickly risen through the ranks of Hollywood’s elite. Her first major Hollywood roles were in the films Hands of Stone and War Dogs in 2016, followed by Blade Runner 2049 and Knives Out, which served to establish her as a household celebrity. She was most recently seen in Daniel Craig’s final James Bond film, No Time to Die, and then in Ben Affleck’s Deep Water earlier in 2022.

De Armas has a busy 2022 ahead of him. She is also appearing in Netflix’s Gray Man opposite Ryan Gosling and Chris Evans, in addition to Deep Water and Blonde in the fall.

netflix blonde trailer

What’s the story behind Blonde?

Blonde is a fictionalized version of Marilyn Monroe’s life based on Joyce Carol Oates’ book of the same name (opens in new tab). The film will focus on the vulnerable woman behind the Hollywood myth of Marilyn Monroe, Norma Jeane, and will chronicle her difficult upbringing as well as “the conflict that arises as an adult between her extremely public and private personas.”


Blonde’s rating has been one of the most talked about topics leading up to its release. Blonde has been officially graded NC-17 in the United States, as revealed in the teaser trailer (there is no UK rating to date).

This is one reason why Blonde’s theatrical release may still be in doubt, as many movie theatres refuse to show NC-17 films. The grade was purportedly given due to “shocking, explicit scenes,” according to reports.

Director Andrew Dominik, on the other hand, told Vulture(opens in new tab) that he was surprised Blonde had an NC-17 rating, but that he believes it is the more compelling story to tell.

“If I had to choose, I suppose I’d go see the NC-17 version of the Marilyn Monroe narrative.” We know her life was on the verge of ending because of how it ended. Do you want to see the raw version or do you want to see the edited version?

netflix blonde trailer

Who is Andrew Dominik, the director?

Blonde is written and directed by Andrew Dominik. His debut feature film, Chopper, was released in 2000, but his most well-known film is The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford, which starred Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck and was released in 2007. After that, he directed Pitt in the dark satire Killing Them Softly.

Dominik has directed two documentaries, One More Time With Feeling and This Much I Know to Be True, as well as two episodes of Netflix’s Mindhunter, since 2012. After Killing Them Softly, Blonde is his first narrative film.


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