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Bob’s Burgers Movie Release Date rescheduled for May 2022 set by Disney

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Bob's Burgers

The Bob’s Burgers Movie is set to hit cinemas on Memorial Day weekend 2022, after earlier being out from Disney’s release strategy. Following the performance of Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’ debut, Walt Disney has decided to only releasing its other 2021 films in theatres. In parallel to this announcement, Disney also unveiled an aspirational schedule of largely unnamed movies. Viewers can look forward to their favorite Disney franchises until 2024.

Bob’s Burgers Movie: Release Date

The long-awaited Bob’s Burgers movie will finally be in cinemas after this year.

The Bob’s Burgers Movie will hit cinemas in May 2022, the Memorial Day weekend. According to the official Bob’s Burgers Twitter page, you should celebrate. A preview poster for the next movie is also on the page. The poster depicts a close-up of a patty getting toss by presumably Bob Belcher. 

All You Need to know about Bob’s Burgers

Bob’s Burgers, developed by Loren Bouchard, aired on Fox in early 2011. The program is now preparing for its 12th edition, which will air the upcoming month on the channel. The news that Fox was producing a full film based just on animated television series with Bouchard there at the lead was originally in 2017. In 2018, 20th Century Fox announced that the movie is in the process.

Bobs Burgers

The Walt Disney Group bought 21st Century Fox in 2019. Rebranding the 20th Century Fox movie studio as 20th Century Studios. The Disney-owned 20th Century Studios pulled The movie feature off its wide release. The schedule was in late 2019, but it was only then to reintroduce it soon afterward. Despite the COVID-19 outbreak, the film remained scheduled for a cinematic release at the end of 2020. The intended launch date at the moment is April 9, 2021.

The film, on the other hand, missed its April 9 premiere date in January. It also dropped completely from 20th Century Studios’ distribution plan. We already know that name of the film will indeed be The Movie. It will be in theatres in May 2022, after a time of instability.

Over Memorial Weekend in 2022, the Bob’s Burgers movie will indeed be coming to theatres.


Season 12 of Bob’s Burgers begins on Fox on Sunday, September 26.

Bob’s Burgers: Current Characters and Storyline

Bob’s Burgers is a tv series about a cook Bob, his wife, and his children. At first, Bob appeared to be a little tedious, but he’s genuinely a skilled, friendly, and faithful character. There’s Linda, Bob’s wife, who is positive, exciting, and compassionate. She’s likely the most entertaining figure to view.

Tina is the next, and events seldom go her favor. She’s constantly teased on by Tammy, and her partner has conflicting thoughts towards her. Gene is the middle child and therefore is the witty one. While not everything he speaks is humorous, he is still a compelling character. Lastly, we have Louise, a fan favorite who can be deceptive and is constantly devising plans to achieve her goals.


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