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Aftermath: Explore The True Story That Inspired Netflix Horror Movie

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Ashley Greene and Shawn Ashmore starring Aftermath is a new horror genre film. Recently arrived on Netflix and is gaining a lot of popularity all over the world. As the movie states ‘based on a True Story, it feels very chilling even from the beginning of the story is true and haunted.


The movie ‘Aftermath‘ started streaming on Netflix around the world on 4th August 2021. The Director is Peter Winther.

The story tells the story of Kevin and Natalie Dadich, a married couple. They decided to move to a new house not knowing about the dark past, waiting for them there. The movie shows the haunted scenarios and the weird situations they deal with.

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According to the media, Jerry Rice and Janice Ruhter, an American couple, went through some kind of series of events like in the movie.

After shifting into a new house in San Diego, the couple’s life went to direct hell. ABC News revealed that just after the couple moved in, they got to know about the crime sequence that happened earlier in the house.

 A series of sinister events started haunting the new couple. Many magazines started getting delivered to their new home for which they never subscribed, just like in the movie. House Re-Listed anonymously by someone, without the couple knowing Eventually, in the end, they caught the culprit and sued him. But he caused a lot of havoc and problems to the couple, as he was jealous of the couple because of the home they were living in.

On Valentine’s day, neighbor’s started fighting him. They were angry as the Husband was accused of sending Valentine’s letters to the neighbor’s wives. The guy behind all this was Rowe and the police arrested him. The couple paid $1000 dollars for unordered books.


The couple outbid a $700,000 offer for the house and so Rowe, 53, was angry as he wanted the house.

He also added many vulgar ads including Janice and said that he wanted to do inappropriate things to her. All this makes the movie more complex and haunted to watch.

One should note that it is not Arnold Schwarzenegger’s drama thriller Aftermath(2017).

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