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MMA fighter Valentina Shevchenko as Lucia Chavez? Everything You Need to Know About

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valentina shevchenko

Recently a sports film, Bruised, has been released by following the dramatic track of Jackie justice, an MMA fighter. She manages to bring back her devastated life on track after she faces defeat in her career. Valentina Shevchenko played Lucia “Lady Killer” Chavez.

It is a very emotional movie that represents a girl moving out from her lowest point situation. Her only hope to achieve success was her shot at the MMA title.

She feels difficulty while competing with the undefeated champion, Lady Killer, which is her only biggest obstacle. Lady Killer is a professional MMA fighter.

Valentina Shevchenko as Lucia “Lady Killer” Chavez

The lead character in the film Bruised, fights against a very strong undefeated MMA fighter whose name in this movie is Lucia Chavez. Lucia Chavez is also known as a lady killer and is the MMA champion in this sports film. In the film’s climax, we will see the official fight between Lucia Chavez and Jackie Justice.

In the first half of the film, Lucia Chavez’s Character is unseen but it was introduced earlier only. The character of Lady Killer was introduced at the beginning as a daunting opponent against whom our lead character will have to fight. She needs to regain her Image as an MMA professional and it is possible only if she defeats the lady killer.

valentina shevchenko

Lucia Chavez says, during the fight, that Jackie would not even last for 30 seconds in the ring which encourages Jackie.
People think that Lady Killer is a real MMA fighter, but she is not. Lady Killer is a fictional character in the movie “Bruised”. The plot shows that she belongs from Argentina and lives in Philadelphia for training. She is projected as an unbeaten professional record. More than 18 matches are won by her with zero losses.

In the movie, we can see her as an overconfident fighter who is Always into following wrong methods to rub her competitors out during the matches. Later it is revealed that it was her strategy to win the matches and she congratulates Jackie for her hard work at the end of their match.

Who is Valentina Shevchenko?

A girl was born to a Ukrainian family in Kyrgyzstan in 1988, whose name was Valentina Shevchenko. Valentina Shevchenko is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter i.e., MMA fighter, just like the role of Lady Killer that she portrayed in the movie Bruised.

She has already competed in the woman’s flyweight division in her real life. Valentina Shevchenko has won 22 matches with 3 losses while playing real matches. This real-life record of Valentina is of the time when her film was about to release on Netflix. She is holding the title of the UFC Women’s Flyweight Champion with herself since 2018.

She started her Taekwondo training when she was five years old. When she was 12 years old she learned Muay Thai just before her debut for MMA, professionally. Her debut in MMA was at the age of 15, in the year 2003. She has competed for numerous martial arts and fighting tournaments, that includes kickboxing, boxing, mixed martial arts, and Muay Thai.


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