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Matrix 4 Resurrection: Is Priyanka Chopra playing the Character Sati?

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Priyanka Chopra

Sati is the most rumored character of Matrix 4 Resurrections. She is an exile who managed to survive. The role of Priyanka Chopra in the trailer made the fans curious. Now, fans have questions about her. Where is Sati now? Will they get to see Sati in Matrix 4? Is Priyanka the grown-up Sati? Keep reading the article to know every single detail about Sati.

Who is Sati in Matrix movies?

Sati is the only character in Matrix movies who is made without any purpose. Rama Kandra and Kamala created the character. Therefore, the architect has not made this identity but the union of two other characters did.

Therefore, the future of Sati is not yet decided. This made the fans curious to know about her character. Though, Sati appeared for the first time in Matrix Revolutions at the Train Station with Neo. But as her character served no purpose so she could be deleted at any time. This is why they(her parents) want a separate place where Sati could live freely.


Importance of Sati’s character in Matrix

According to Oracle, Sati would become very important in the future of both humans and machines. Hence, Oracle saved her from smuggling in Matrix.

Sati is a new form of life as one can consider. She is created through reproduction in the Matrix. As Sati managed to survive, she will find her purpose in life. People believe that she would add worth to her life by justifying her existence.

Priyanka Chopra

Will Sati appear in the Matrix 4 Resurrection?

Matrix Revolution ended with Sati sitting with Oracle and looking at the sunrise together. Sati wanted to meet Neo again. Fans are guessing that she would take over Oracle’s role or become the new architect.

Well, the thing that Oracle has said is that Sati would bring peace to both humans and machines world. Keeping this in view, Sati is just an anomaly of Oracle. This, her purpose would be solved once this happens.

On the other hand, Oracle wants to dominate both worlds. So, it is possible that Oracle would use Sati to fulfill the purpose. We are not cent percent sure whether Sati would appear in Matrix Resurrection

or not. So, let’s wait for any official statement.

Will Priyanka Chopra play Sati in the Matrix?

The trailer of Matrix 4 Resurrection has made fans very curious to know the role of Priyanka Chopra. Is she Sati? Well, she was reading Alice in Wonderland and met Neo as well. Thus, Her role holds some importance.

There is the possibility that Priyanka is the adult Sati. But we can just guess as no such statement has been released by Matrix 4 Resurrection. We will have to wait for 22 December 2021 to get all the answers to our questions. Till then, tell me what you think about Sati! Is Priyanka the adult Sati? Write down your views in the comment section.

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