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Marvel Zombies, Animated Series Announced on Disney Plus Day: When Is It Coming?

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Marvel Zombies

A soon premiering project called ‘Marvel Zombies’ which is a part of Disney Plus Day has been announced. What is the series about and when will it be released? Let’s talk about it in the rest of the article.

Marvel Zombies: An animated series

On the 12th of November a piece of extremely happy news for all Disney fans was announced. 12th was officially Disney Plus Day. The huge streaming of the show took advantage by declaring that different types of titles were gonna come up.
Marvel Zombies, was a special part of one of the animated series. Which is said to be a spinoff of the most liked episodes of ‘WHAT IF?’.Which was aired at the beginning of the year.

In the special series, the Marvel Studios animated series recreates the Marvel Universe as a brand new generation of heroes. The heroes were fighting and all the more an ever-expanding zombie plague. Rachel Paige says the above.
It is believed that the Marvel Zombies will be directed by Byan Andrews. He is known to have previously worked on different marvel shows. Some of them include Guardians of the Galaxy, The Avengers: Endgame, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Nine episodes of What If have also been directed by him.


The series will be written by Zeb Wells. Executive and producer Zeb Wells is best known for his work on the Robot Chicken and super mansion series.

The original comic series …

The original series of The Marvel comics was created by Marvel Comics. These were a limited comic series in 2005.
The writer of the series was Robert Kirkman. He has also written the famous The Walking Dead which was illustrated by Sean Philips. The series was published between December 2005 and April 2006.
The basis of the zombie-themed What If series were the comics. It will be explored more in the upcoming Marvel Zombie series.

Marvel Zombies

Ac Bradley the lead writer spoke a little about the particular episode of the What if series. He said that he thinks the end is a ray of hope. That they have the stone and they have the cure. They will probably figure it out. He however said that it was not clear if the Marvel Zombies series will be continued or incorporated.

Release Date Of Marvel Zombies

Sadly, neither the Marvel Production Studios nor Disney plus has shared a specified date for the release of Marvel Zombies.
Almost all the projects of Disney Plus Day projects that were announced have an estimated release window for 2022. This is partially a piece of good news for fans as they won’t have to worry about the lack of information.

A relief feature is that the production of The Marvel Zombies series will be simplified. As it is an animated project, there will be no need to explore different places or sets to build.

Marvel Zombies

The announcement of the original What If series was public in April 2019. It was then premiered on August 2021. However, because of the source material from comics, it is a little unlikely that Marvel Zombies would take more than 2 years to produce.

Widely analyzing, there is a chance that Marvel Zombies could be released by the 3rd quarter of 2022. Or probably by the end of October to be in match with Halloween celebrations.


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