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K-Pop Trio “BDC”: Everything You Need to Know About Group Member of “BDC”

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From one year to another, there is an increasing number of debuts of K-pop. Due to such hard competition, many groups name remains out of the news. One such group is “BDC”. The brand make its debut in 2019. They make their first debut under the company” Brand New Music”. It is the same company under which many other celebrities like Lee Kang, Hanhae, and others work. Back in 2019, their debut didn’t become a great success. But they didn’t stop hardworking. They are again back. This time people are knowing them. We can see their hard work in which they first work under not so recognized company but now working under one of the most recognized companies. The journey of the trio is incredible. Let’s find out more about them in this article.

What is “BDC”?-

“BDC” is the ” Boys Da Capo” group. The group has three members who join and make a group for a common purpose i.e. music. The name of the three boys is Kim Si Hun, Hong Seongjun and Yun Jeong Hwan. All the three boys first meet each other on Mnet’s reality show ” Produce 101″. Their debut song is ” Remember Me” which is released in 2019. This title is given by the BDC themselves. Their second album is ” The Intersection: Belief”. They make their comeback in August 2021.


The Leader of BDC: Kim Si Hun

BDC Kim-Si-Hun

Kim Si Hun is the leader of the group. He resides in South Korea. He is a vocalist, rapper and dancer by profession. But his childhood dream was a football player. But in High School, he got attracted to “BIGBANG” and G-dragon. He started his journey under the YG entertainment company. He gets training for two years and nine months. But his actual journey starts after Mnet’s show. In that show only, he met his other two group members.

The Dancer of BDC: SeongJun

BDC Seongjun

His full name is Hong Seongjun. He is Dancer and professions by the vocalist. He resides near the capital of South Korea. Unlike Sun, he is interested in music since childhood. He does video training for nearly one year and four months. He also join Mnet’s show in 2019. His rank was 51 in that show. But unfortunately, he got eliminated soon. There only, he met other two members of his group. 


The Maknae of BDC: Junghwan

BDC Junghwan

Junghwan is a vocalist by profession. He is one of the youngest members of the group. Junghwan performs musical events since the age of fourteen. He has also been a part of the Department of Practical Music at Seoul Performing Arts. He even graduated from Howon University in K pop. Also, he got training for two years and six months. His rank is 38 in that show. In this show only, he meets his other two members of the group.


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