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Grown-ish’ Season 5 Release Date, Cast, Plot and Everything You Need To Know

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'Grown-ish Season 5

Looking for some new season of a series to watch then we have something due this week and it’s Grown-ish with its season 5. Well, the Freeform series has given four successful seasons so far. While its fifth was much awaited. Hopefully, now we have all the updates on it. So what can you expect to see in Grown-ish season 5?

Read ahead to know more about Grown-ish season 5 and its other details.

Grown-ish season 5 release date

The sitcom Freeform has been loved by the audience ever since it dropped its first season. The young guys in the series and their struggles have come along to last till four seasons. While we get one more to move ahead with. Hence if you are excited to know when the fifth season is arriving then get excited as it’s right here.


Yes, Grown-ish season 5 is to premiere on the 20th of July this week. The time to catch up with the season is 10 pm ET/PT. The trailer of the fifth season however came on the 6th of July itself. Showing what the next season is going to be all about. So, don’t miss watching the latest season on Freeform.

'Grown-ish Season 5

Who’s going to be in the cast for Grown-ish season 5?

The fifth season of the Free form series Grown-ish is going to have back again Yara Shahidi as Zoey Johnson. Further, there’s going to be Trevor Jackson as Aaron Jackson, Diggy Simmons as Douglas Fredrick Edwards. Also, you would see Deon Cole as professor Charlie Telphy.


Other casts of the series are to be Marcus Scribner as Andre, and Tara Raani as Zaara. While there might be some new additions in the cast as well. Meanwhile, you can watch the trailer for season 5 to get a glimpse of who might be there in the upcoming season.

'Grown-ish Season 5

What’s the expected storyline of Grown-ish season 5?

The fourth season of Grown-ish ended with many of the youngsters graduating. This certainly means that a new chapter is to begin from the next season. Hence hope Zoey with her post-graduation life. While the new faces to enter the series will be giving a fresh new touch to the story.

As we have Cal U to have Junior enter in it. Zoey might be back at Cal U in order to be with Junior. Meanwhile, Junior will have its own escapes and struggles at the Cal U. But that’s what going to make the fifth season a bit more exciting to watch.


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