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Former “OC” star Mischa Barton left the show because of the series’ “unhealthy” environment

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Mischa Barton

American actress Mischa Barton says that the reason behind leaving “The OC” was because of bullying and under-appreciation by the producers and castmates. Playing Marissa Cooper, on The O.C., is one of Mischa Barton’s memorable roles and the show was one of the most well-watched teen dramas in history. Barton didn’t react well to the pressures of being a teenager, her sudden fame, and her new surroundings. She didn’t like the fact that people on set treated her as if she was a psycho.

The OC

The actress Mischa Barton disclosed that after the first season of the show, they added Rachel Bilson as a series regular and started evening out everyone’s pay – and bullying from some men on set made her decide to leave “.The actress, who played Summer Roberts in the series from 2006 to 2007, described the situation as “complicated” and added it had a “lot to do with” adding Rachel Bilson as a series regular. After being a recurring character, Rachel Bilson was added as a series regular. Her pay was evened out with the rest of the cast and she was moved into the main house on set. The new status affected Drew’s experience on the show.


She told InStyle magazine “I was really into the show and I didn’t know how to deal with it”. “I also had to figure out my own way of dealing with the fame that was thrust on me from a young age. I understood why the show was popular and important and a cultural phenomenon,” she said of Downton. But she said that in “The beginning when I was still involved in it, I didn’t necessarily understand how much it had taken over of my life.” she added. However, she also stated that she did love her work on the Dawson’s Creek show, especially her character.

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