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Endeavour Season 8 Release Date, Cast, Trailer And Plot

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Endeavour Season 8

Endeavour Season 8 sees Shaun Evans reprising his role as DS Endeavor Morse. What’s more, the entertainer will likewise direct the first episode of the season. The widely praised series was created and written by Russell Lewis. Endeavour Season 7 attracted 6.8 million viewers on all devices across its three episodes, so fans are keen to see what happens next.

PBS Network has reported that the following season of Endeavor will be it’s last, implying that only six episodes remain of the British mystery show. Meanwhile, the network has released the most recent trailer for the show, which teases a plot that sees Morse and Thursday chasing after one more killer.

Season 8 of the Masterpiece show has proactively aired in the U.K. on ITV, meaning we know a lot about what’s in store from these most recent episodes including whether a particular fan-favorite cast member missing from the prior arrangement of episodes has returned.

Endeavour Season 8 Release Date

Endeavour Season 8 aired in the UK on September 12, 2021, on ITV. Episodes are available on ITV Hub. In the US, season 8 of Endeavor started premiering on 19th June from 9 p.m. ET to 11 p.m. on PBS Network.

The remaining two episodes of Season 8 (“Scherzo” and “Terminus”) will air in the equivalent timeslot on 26th June and 3rd July. Viewers who need to get up to speed with the episodes so far can track down each of the seven seasons on Prime Video, while new episodes will stream on PBS Network.

Endeavour Season 8 Cast

All of the major Season 7 characters are all back aside from, obviously, Violetta (Stephanie Leonidas), who (spoilers) lost her life toward the finish of the last season’s finale.


Those returning cast members include Evans as Endeavor himself, Roger Allam as Fred Thursday, in addition to James Bradshaw as Max DeBryn, Sean Rigby as Jim Strange, Anton Lesser as Reginald Bright, and Caroline O’Neill as Win Thursday and Abigail Thaw as Dorothea Frazil.

Furthermore, a cast member who skipped the last season will be back. Sara Vickers returns as Joan Thursday after missing the last three episodes because of focusing on her new child.

Joining the show’s new episodes is Julian Moore-Cook as a soccer player Morse who needs to protect after the danger is made to his life. Andrew Havill plays a college head whose secretary dies in the bomb blast.

Endeavour Season 8


As per ITV, Endeavor Season 8 opens in 1971 and follows Oxford Wanderers’ star striker Jack Swift, who gets a death threat. Following this, Endeavor and his group are put at the core of the marvelousness and style of 1970s football, exposing the true cost of success and a celebrity. They’ll likewise expose a deep-rooted division that is reflected a lot nearer to home.

In the meantime, Endeavor is grieving the death of his lover Violetta, who died toward the finish of the last series, and is stirring things up around town amazingly.

Two or three months have passed after Violetta’s death and he’s not managing it well, yet he’s doing whatever it takes not to reveal that. In any case, over the series, it becomes clear he’s not adapting. Drinking excessively and numbing yourself is a part of a more pressing issue. I was quick to unpick that more in this series, says star Shaun Evans.

Endeavour Season 8


Season 8 has three new episodes, running on Sundays, 19th June through 3rd July, airing from 9 pm to 11 pm (ET). This is the very thing that you can anticipate this season. With only three episodes airing for season eight, makers will trust the show follows the progress of season seven. More than 6.8 million viewers checked out to watch the last episodes of the show, which were broadcasted not long before the pandemic hit in 2020.

Season six managed to pull in one of the program’s best-ever viewing figures with a sum of 7.2 million viewers watching every episode by and large. Nonetheless, not one season has yet beat the pilot episode which was broadcasted in 2012 and attracted a group of people of 8.2 million.

Episode 1: Striker
An explosive murder at an Oxford college has possibly broad political implications. In the meantime, Endeavor is entrusted with guarding the life of a beloved football team’s star striker. Debuting Sunday, 19th June at 9/8c.


Episode 2: Scherzo
On the outskirts of Oxford, a taxi driver is found killed in his taxi. The investigation concerning his death leads Endeavor and the group down a surprising way. Endeavour gets a visitor who helps him with a past he’d sooner forget. Debuting Sunday, 26th June at 9/8c.

Episode 3: Terminus
In the cold of winter, the group is called to investigate the violent killing of an Oxford college don. Thursday gets news that creates tension at home. Debuting Sunday, 3rd July at 9/8c.

Season 8 will be the last season?

Endeavor, which debuted in 2012, is a prequel to Inspector Morse, a British criminal investigator series featuring John Thaw that broadcasted from 1987 to 2000. Shaun Evans plays the younger version of the cerebral detective. Roger Allam plays DCI Fred Thursday, a person who doesn’t show up in the original show. The 9th series will bring Endeavor’s complete number of full-length episodes up to 36, three more than its parent series.

The choice to end the show after nine seasons was a shared one between Evans, Allam, and screenwriter Russell Lewis, as indicated by PBS Network.

Lewis has consistently known “where he believed that the series should end,” executive producer Damien Timmer explained. “That Remorseful Day is almost upon us!”

Russell has many shocks at his disposal for the last three movies, with the arrival of a few familiar faces and new difficulties for Endeavor and Thursday to face before the last farewell!” he added.

Endeavour Season 9 is at present shooting in Oxford. No debut date has been declared. RadioTimes reports that the last episodes will probably air in late 2022 or mid-2023 on ITV. Episodes normally air in the U.S. a while after they are broadcasted in the U.K.


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