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Domino Masters Season 1 Release Date: Meet The 16 Teams At The Domino Masters

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Domino Masters Season 1

Domino Masters, a new-age game program on FOX, will certainly premiere its debut season on Wednesday, March 9 at 9:00 p.m. EST. 16 groups will compete in the next reality program to become the best domino master. And perfect the placement of the available blocks and components. However, a single blunder might devastate the teams.

Moreover, the program will include 16 teams of three competing for a cash award. The final prize, and the championship. And will be evaluated by NFL great Vernon Davis. Actress-author Danica McKellar. As well as expert domino and chain of reactions artist Steve Price.

Domino Master Teams

The previous activity for the show reads:

“In each episode, the teams would be assigned a bold concept and further fascinating unique components. To combine into their Rube Goldberg-style tumbles”. According to the series’s synopsis. “But the emphasis is on since one false move might set off a domino effect. That takes them out of the race.”


The exhibition certainly requires its teams to stretch their creative boundaries. And build mind-blowing creations using infinite opportunities, thousands of tiles, and moreover one-of-a-kind kinetic devices. Sixteen talented teams from various states and occupations will certainly compete in this tough competition.

  1. Back Breakers
  2. Bad Boys Big Toys
  3. Brains & Brawn
  4. Bearded Buddies
  5. Bi-Coastal Brainiacs
  6. Charlie’s Angles
  7. Construction Crew
  8. Dominators
  9. Dominerds
  10. Mechanical Mavericks
  11. Rocket Science
  12. Runs in the Family
  13. Teen Topplers
  14. Triathletes
  15. The OG Topplers
  16. Wonder Women

Rob Wade, president of FOX Entertainment’s Alternative Media and Specials, moreover remarked of the show’s concept’s innovation:

“In the previous year, enthusiasts of dominoes and chain reaction games have channeled their ingenuity. And passion into wild and amazing displays on social networking sites. Therefore recreating classic games and exposing them to a whole new audience.”

He further went on to say that he expects the Domino Masters would stimulate the public’s curiosity in domino. The new show will be built on an original format that will certainly be more enjoyable to watch. With Eric Stonestreet as host. His upbeat attitude, the producers reasoned, would constantly keep the show’s excitement high.


Domino Master Host, Eric Stonestreet

Here On Kelly Clarkson Show, Emmy Award-winning performer Eric Stonestreet. He was featured in Modern Family, talked about presenting the Domino Masters. Given the show’s theme, the actor was however first hesitant to step into the role of host. He contemplated consulting his nine-year-old boys because this is a new-age game program. Eric jumped at the chance to host the broadcast after hearing well about domino obsession. On TikTok as well as other online platforms.


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