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Captain Marvel 2: Monica Rambeau returning to the MCU teased by Lashana

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Captain Marvel 2

Captain Marvel 2: Monica Rambeau is a fictional character in an American comic book and a superhero too. Marvel Comics published this character and it was created by Roger Stern and the artist JohnRomita Jr. The character has super energy which is generated by an energy disruptor weapon. In Captain Marvel she was also introduced with a pack of full energetic characters lastly, The character entered and ultimately be a to be the leader of the Avengers for a time.
The movie Captain Marvel 2 and Avengers: Endgame. And a crossover/sequel to WandaVision. The sequel of Captain Marvel is marked in the MCU as a thirty-first film. Whereas the releasing date of the movie was also revealed and we could watch it on 11 November 2022.

Captain Marvel

Lashana Lynch teases Monica Rambeau’s return in Captain Marvel 2

And now Fans are fascinated that Monica will be part of the Marvels. But as she came in Captain Marvel sequel she was teased by a star. Lashana Lynch the star of No Time To Die teased her because of her reasonable return in the forthcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe flick. It is no doubt that she is a commendable figure in an MCU. Whereas Carol Danvers is the best friend of Monica.

They both have a strong bond and a blind trust who helped Skrulls in Captain Marvel. But in the end, she continued to exist in a movie. While it has been expressed in WandaVision that Maria has expired in Avengers: Infinity War not initially but after the events. After this, Lynch expressed her viewpoints that her role in Air Force Pilot was appreciated. So it is a highly expected MCU sequel but claims that she hasn’t got any news about it and didn’t receive a call too.

Whereas, It’s not tough to understand how Maria could get back in the sequel. Eventually, Lynch could always occur in a place of Monica or Carol when they see back the bravery of Maria. So it could also happen that Lynch gets the call from Marvel soon. She is also a famous actor who always plays her role in such a great manner. But Teyonah Parris portrays in The Marvels (2022).

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