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BTS In The Soop: Best Moments from Season 1 & Where to Watch Season 2?

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BTS In The Soop

BTS In The Soop: The ARMY gets grounds to rejoice, as BTS has returned with far more stuff now than ever. A K-pop group has created innovative opportunities to involve admirers everywhere across the globe thru out the outbreak. Therefore, BTS In The Soop, an acute reality show, is the latest addition to the group’s growing list of internet series. BTS members relax at a lakeside cabin and try out new pastimes in this show. Viewers would have the chance to meet RM, J-Hope, Suga, Jungkook, V, Jin, and Jimin up. And their personal life at BTS In The Soop.

What exactly is BTS In The Soop all about?

Due to a shortage of touring chances as a result of the outbreak. BTS devised a novel technique to communicate among their admirers. Therefore, In The Soop is a reality show that covers members of BTS. They engage in activities that are “in-between ordinary routine & luxury.”

Season 1 was filmed in Lake 192, a secluded lake house in Gangwon-do Chuncheon.

Every best moment in BTS In The Soop Season 1

BTS In the Soop episode 2

Jin, the king of sashimi (Ep. 2)

Jin’s one-of-a-kind request, other from fishing gear, was for a tank with flatfish so he could try his hand at sashimi making – and their production team delivered!


He almost gave up multiple times, saying, “It’d be lovely if I could do it, but it’s fine if I can’t.”

BTS In the Soop episode 3

Composing the theme tune for the show (Ep. 3)

Jimin and J-Hope swiftly stepped in with harmonies as V began playing piano chords at random, while V and RM vomited lyrics off the top of their heads like genuine artists.


Jungkook and SUGA soon joined them in the room, having hurried off to collect his recording equipment, while Jin, who was outside the room painting his masterpiece, also contributed.

BTS In the Soop episode 3

Jin is the target of a joke (Ep. 4)

Remember how Jin convinced the members to play a joke on J-Hope by leaving him at a gas station in Bon Voyage 4? J-Hope got his retaliation!

Due to prior business commitments, the members are about to return to Seoul halfway through their vacation, but Jin returns to the house to pack up the fishing rod he’d left cast. J-Hope, too, jumps at the chance to play his trick.

BTS In the Soop episode 5

Canoe trips (Ep. 5)

Okay, I admit that I cheated a little on this one because it’s a two-in-one item. Even vicariously through BTS, being out on an open lake has particularly soothing qualities, which is why I couldn’t choose between these two canoeing trips!

Episode 6

Campfire conversation between V and Jungkook (Ep. 6)

V initiated a one-on-one talk with Jungkook over beverages by their makeshift campfire on their sixth night. The two youngest members were a little uneasy at first, but they ultimately eased into the chat.

Episode 7

Jimin, who is inebriated, and the mosquito net (Ep. 7 Behind)

When Jimin is sober, he may be a handful, but when he’s inebriated, he’s even more so. He briefly reveals in episode 7 that he received a small injury the night before while spending time with Jungkook, but that despite the bruise, he had a great time.

Episode 8

“Eternal roommates” heart-to-heart (Ep. 8)

SUGA and Jin frequently refer to each other as “forever roommates” to recall their group’s early days when they shared a room.

Despite their seemingly disparate personalities, they’ve stated numerous times that they are on the same wavelength and can only communicate with one another. It couldn’t have been more than a few minutes, but their brief but deep conversation proves it.

BTS In The Soop Season 2: Where to Watch?

Season 1 of BTS In The Soop is purchasable on the WeVerse Shop and can be streamed.

On the JTBC network, it was also shown. And, Season 2 is also airing on the same platform with its latest release of 3rd episode. Soon episode viewers will get to watch episode 4 on November 5, 2021.

You can also see BTS Season 2 online on Dailymotion.

Season 1 WeVerse buyers received exclusive exposure to a BTS behind-the-scenes bonus for every episode, which JTBC subscribers did not.


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