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Big Brother 23 Episode 20 recap: Sarah Beth’s HOH week is a true wild card

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Big Brother 23 Episode 20

When we talk about Big Brother, where Xavier believes that he has a nice relationship with Sarah Beth. And that’s why he is not bothered much. But the other peoples that alliance believe that there will be a block on Thursday and at least from one another. Later, Tiffany and Azah at the time conversation they talk about that. there is only one person to who they wanted to cheer up and that is HOH. Because it’s hard to understand that where she is at. Her very close friend Kyland, who is a member of The Cookout. Who fears that if he cleverly drags her nominations. There is one more problem that he is troubled about appearing strong, powerful, and tipping his hand.

Big Brother 23 Episode 20 Recap: Big D and Tiffany

Moreover, the alliance leading the way to rocky waters. And the Big D with help of Tiffany tries to clear the air. And the important thing is that they have to make sure the Cookout is as hard as possible. But it can be seen clearly that she is not happy to do work with him. Indirectly, she doesn’t want to clean the air with him. Whereas, Tiffany will not hear Britini until and unless he apologized to her. She refused to talk to him in a conversation. By seeing this situation, Big D tries to control the situation, and try to claim both of them. But it doesn’t seem like they want to sort the things. Every time Big D tries both personalities are in a mood to clash. Although they are in an alliance and work together there is no love between them.

Sarah Beth

Big Brother 23 Episode 20 Recap: Nomination Ceremony

Well, that begins the ceremony of nomination. In that Sarah Beth comes out getting Big D and Claire on the hurdle. Because these nominations are ridiculous and meaningless it everyone understands it. And coincidently in this week, there is only one person is allowed to plays Chopping Block Roulette.

This might be because they don’t have that many BB bucks. Or they are saving their money for the powerful advantage that will be going to be held next week. The Coin of Destiny. Alyssa is the sole performer, but nobody else recognizes that because the event only discloses the winner. And it doesn’t reveal the BB Bucks player that has left and the player who had not played.


Sarah Beth is excited. This brings the power out of the play of Chopping Block Roulette. Next week she is vulnerable and lays down a threat on the block. Interesting thing is that this happened without split blood on her hand. The episode is full of excitement. A great series to watch.

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Where to Watch? You can watch all the episodes of Big Brother on the CBS TV channel.

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