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Batwheels Release Date, Trailer, and Everything We Know So Far

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'Batwheels' Warner Bros Animation


Batwheels is the new cartoon series arriving soon for all to make you fall in love with it. Well, in case you have had no updates on the same. Then here we have brought all that you must know about the cartoon series. As it is soon to arrive on the network with lots of fun. So, when are we expecting Batwheels?

Read ahead to know more about Batwheels and all its latest updates.

Batwheels release date announced

Batwheels is soon coming on the network for all this year. As the story of this series is going to be something different yet relevant with a superhero gang. Hence, you don’t need to wait till long as you’ll get the animated series to be released on 17th October this year.


The time to catch up with it is 9 am ET. Further, this animated cartoon series is arriving on two networks. As interested viewers can watch it on HBO Max and Cartoonito. Further, we have more updates on the series as well.

What’s the plot for Batwheels?

The Batwheels is going to be an amazing animated series the vehicles in action in Gotham City to fight evil. So, you’ll find the series having some super fast vehicles alongside Batman, Batgirl, and Robin in the scene.

As probably you must have only seen the superheroes in action to fight evil. Batwheels will let you know the vehicles aren’t anyway less than a superhero. So, don’t miss to catch up with the series on the mentioned network on its release. As else you’ll miss the fun with the animated series Batwheels and its unique heroes.

Who’s in the cast of Batwheels? Is there any trailer?

Batwheels being an animated series is having casts to give voiceover to the characters. Thus, you’ll find Ethan Hawke as Batman, Jacob Bertrand as Bam, Gina Rodriguez as Catwoman, Xolo Mariduena as Snowy, Jordan Reed as Redbird, Madigan Kacmar as Bibi, and Noah Bentley as Buff.

Further, you’ll also see Lilimar as Batwing, Kimberly D. Brooks as The Batcomputer, Mick Wingert as Moe and The Joker, and more. Also, all those who badly needed a trailer. It did release an amazing trailer for all to watch. Which gave a glimpse of the vehicles that are having the onus on them to protect Gotham City alongside the Batman gang.


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