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Maharashtra Government Clears The Proposal to Improve Education by Model Schools

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Maharashtra Education

For improving the education structure Maharashtra Government cabinet approved a proposal. The proposal of to convert the state’s 488 public schools into “model schools”. To improve the quality of education.

On Wednesday the proposal was passed by Maharashtra Government. In order to provide quality education. And a healthy environment in the government schools.

Cabinet approves the fund of Rs 494 crore

The main objective behind the proposal is to give quality education. And equal benefits to poor students. These “model schools” will provide training to develop the skills needed in the 21st century. A fund of Rs. 494 crore will be allocated for this purpose. The Chief Minister’s Office (CMO) said in a statement.

It was stated that the quality of education needs to be improved. In spite of it is also important to improve basic services. Such as bathrooms, drinking water, playgrounds, good classrooms, schools, sports equipment, science laboratories, libraries.


Development of Science

CMO also shows a green flag to this proposal. To establish Bharat Ratna Rajiv Gandhi Vigyan Avishkar Nagari. The location is in the forest zone at Pimpri Chinchwad in the Pune region. Besides the development of science among students.

The project will appear in the next five years. Rs 191 crore has been authorized through the Centrally funded program.

Maharashtra Government

What is Model School?

Schools that improve their performance quickly and effectively. As evidenced by reliable and credible data or relevant and significant quality metrics.

Instructional models that enable learners to solve important social and cognitive tasks. And teach them to use them effectively.

Benefits of Model School

  1. Employment: Finding a job is not easy. The model school comes with a large number of recruitment opportunities. However with the right education qualifications. You will increase your chances of getting a satisfying job.
  1. Higher Income: People with higher education and diverse backgrounds are more likely to find highly skilled. Study hard, spend your time and energy to accumulate knowledge. And achieve a high level if you want to lead a comfortable lifestyle.
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  1. Quality Skills: Model schools are having a good environment. And it helps a lot to polish and understand your skills. Here is a lot of opportunities available, you will get quality education and healthy environment.
  1. Prosperous and Happy Life: Education always ensures respect for society. To ensure a comfortable lifestyle, people must study and get well-paid jobs. In order to be successful. This will help you gain a better reputation. And increase your career chances easier and faster. In turn, this provides economic resources for a stable life.
  1. Modern Society: It is necessary to study culture, history, and other important aspects. To contribute to modern society. With true feelings and values. Educated people can easily distinguish between right and wrong. Education can help reduce crime.

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