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Updates on Makoto Shinkai Next Movie: Storyboard Completed

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Makoto Shinkai

Makoto Shinkai recently said that he is nearly completed with the storyboard with his next film. TV Asahi published a discussion with the acclaimed director in December 2020. He discussed the forthcoming film as well as the impact of the continuing epidemic. A portion of that is that the film will be post-apocalyptic, especially evidenced by the following tweet:
This is what’s happening here! I’ve spent so long currently focusing on an upcoming film’s storyboard each day. Sobbing, and when it was actually in completion. I asked a large number of individuals to evaluate it, and many offered me a lot of feedback. Until today, I’m constantly trying to make the required changes. It’s really tough for someone like me to create a storyboard, but I’d like to.

Makoto Shinkai reportedly stated that he began working on the screenplay. All around the moment, the Japanese authorities declared a case of crisis. The scenario also had an impact on the atmosphere of the film. And that is why the plot will indeed be post-apocalyptic.  He’ll definitely finish with the draught, and all that remains are the changes. Further finishing details depending on the feedback he got.
“By producing this film, I want a section of them to consider,” he says. ‘I’m sure we’ll make this somehow, won’t we?'” The coronavirus has caused widespread devastation. However, I believe, we will face a variety of disasters during the lifespan of an individual.”


Makoto Shinkai Career: Explored

After completing his education from Chuo University’s department of Literature in March 1996. He went off to work at Falcom, a computer game business. Where he spent five years creating film videos for videogames and graphic arts, incorporating online material. Throughout this period, he encountered artist Tenmon, who eventually composed music for several of his films.
Shinkai produced She and Her Cat, a five-minute grayscale short film, in 1999. It took home numerous prizes, such as the overall winner in the 12th DoGA CG Animation competition. DoGA is a non-profit organization that provides tools and guidance to aspiring animation artists.  The film depicts the lives of a cat solely first from the cat’s point of view. As it spends some time including its master, a youthful woman.

Makoto Shinkai

Upon obtaining the grand award, Shinkai started to examine a sequel while continuing to develop for Falcom. Shinkai was encouraged to create Voices of a Distant Star in June 2000. By creating an image of a female in a pilot holding a smartphone. Some time down the line.

He was approached by Manga Zoo who agreed to collaborate with him. Providing him with such a fund to develop his concept into a sellable animation. He resigned his position at Falcom in May 2001 to concentrate on Voices. Shinkai says in an appearance that development required approximately seven months of “hard effort.”


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