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To Your Eternity Episode 17 Release Date, Time & Spoilers

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To Your Eternity Episode 17

To Your Eternity Episode 17: The Anime ‘To Your Eternity’ is developed and named after manga series (A Silent Voice). Yoshitoki Ooima has written the plot of this series.

The story begins with the creator of Earth who has sent a nameless entity to observe the people. The entity receives the name ‘Fushi’ from his mother. It becomes more interesting in Episode 16 of To your Eternity.

To Your Eternity Episode 16 – Recap

To Your Eternity Episode 16 begins when Tonari tells Fushi that one could gain freedom by winning a tournament. Tonari says that the winner will become king and can rescue the captured queen. Fushi liked the idea and found it a good way to free Pioran.

Fushi entered the tournament. The Ponytail guy kills all the men but Fushi wakes up. He had to defeat Fushi to win and pierces him with several weapons.

In episode 16, the Ponytail guy kills himself because he was worried about his reputation. As he is defeated by a kid so it is shameful for him. However, Fushi is immortal which people don’t know. In the first round, he is announced as the winner.

To Your Eternity Episode 17

In the second round of Episode 16, Fushi has to fight with another “immortal being”. Eventually, people get to know that Fushi is also immortal. But, they are more interested in the fight.

Fushi transforms into a number of creatures he has ever met. Then he uses Parona’s body to smash the guy. People cheer for him as they found him fearless. All have great hopes from Fushi and Tonari thinks that he will save the country. And with this, the episode ends. Continue reading the article to know what will happen in To Your Eternity-Episode 17.

To your eternity Episode 17 – Spoilers

The Episode 17 of To your Eternity begins with a dynamic fight between Fushi and the Nokkers. Fushi fought so bravely that he defeated the Nokkers. Here starts Fushi’s Journey and this episode is titled ‘The Children’s Dreams’.

After defeating the Nokkers, there was a big celebration in the village. The little girl who first met Fushi on that island approaches him again. She asks him, ” Drink this, Mister Immortal!”

To Your Eternity Episode 17

The girl was glad to see that Fushi didn’t deny her. Then another boy asks Fushi to share his story with them. Then Fushi tells them that when he transforms into a person or animal that he has met before who died. The people are amazed and happy to know that he was not like other monsters. He protects people instead of eating them.


This story has got the attention of audiences from almost all age groups. Being very popular among them, people have different views regarding it. What are your views on “To Your Eternity”?? Tell us in the comment section below.

To Your Eternity Episode 17 – Release Date and Time

To Your Eternity Episode 17 is set to release on Monday 9 August 2021 at 9:30 AM PDT on Crunchyroll. The title of To Your Eternity Episode 17 is “The Defeated“.

To Your Eternity Episode 17 will be released on other time zones at –

  • India time: 9th August 2021, 10 PM on Monday.
  • Central time: 9th August 2021, 11:30 AM on Monday,.
  • British time: 9th August 2021, 5:30 PM on Monday.
  • Australia time: 10th August 2021, 2 AM on Tuesday.
  • Pakistani time: 9th August 2021, 9:30 PM on Monday.
  • Eastern time: 9th August 2021, 12:30 AM on Monday.
  • Central European time: 9th August 2021, 6:30 PM on Monday.

Where to Watch? You can watch To Your Eternity Episode 17 online on Crunchyroll. It is also available with English subtitles. You can buy Crunchyroll’s subscription from their official site.

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