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The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 12 Release Date and Time, Recap, Spoilers

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The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 12

The Detective is Already Dead Episode 12 begins the final homicide case of the Famous Detective and his Assistant. Let us inform you of everything that occurred in episode 11 where and when you can catch up on this season’s last episode. To discover further, read the entire article to the bottom.

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 11: Recap

It all begins in The Detective is Already Dead Episode 11 when Siesta and Kimihiko crack the mystery of Hell, who later becomes Jack the Ripper, in order to become a Famous Detective. Kimihiko fought the Seed in the episode of The Detective is Already Dead, while Siesta fought Hell.

Since then, Kimihiko has been on a rescue mission to save Siesta from the Seed. While discussing their time period and how she went up against the robot, Nagisa describes the tale of how she became an investigator. Nagisa understands that Kimihiko has given her a fresh outlook on life as that of the Legendary Detective, and she is grateful.

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 11

As Nagisa recalls, Siesta informs her that Kimihiko’s care would be safe in her capable hands. It’s only that rather than Legendary Detective, she’d like to be somebody else instead of a hero. In contrast, Kimihiko is on a ship, contemplating things. School’s summer holiday has begun, he realizes.


A commitment to Nagisa and Saikawa has been in the realization by Kimihiko. It’s then that Kimihiko understands they’re going to the Aegean Sea. After eight days on a boat, Kimihiko questions her why it developed through an eight-day voyage on the boat. In addition to Saikawa, Nagisa accompanies the two.

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 12: Spoilers

The Detective is Already Dead’s series finale will air on Sunday.  Chameleon squeezes Nagisa with his tail within the final episode, trying to flush her in the water. Kimihiko was given instructions by Chameleon to submit or Nagisa would die. As Yui approaches Nagisa, she apologizes for taking so long to arrive. As Kimihiko understands, Siesta was unwavering in her determination to be a private investigator.

So, he now knows what Siesta meant when she used the word detective in her description. According to Kimihiko, this is the reason why Siesta is a Remarkable Detective by temperament. Continuing with Kimihiko, Chameleon attempts to strike at Kimihiko’s torso.

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 12: Release Date and Time

The Detective Is Already Dead Episode 12 is set to release on Sunday, September 19, 2021, at 9:30 PM JST on Funimation. Episode 12 is titled as titled “Those Dizzying Three Years I Spent With You

“. Please remember that it would be the final edition of The Detective is Already Dead. After Chameleon and Jack, the Reaper were vanquishing. 

Various time zones for release time of The Detective is dead episode 12 are below:

Pacific Time: 7:30 AM (September 19th)
Central Time: 9:30 AM (September 19th)
Eastern Time: 10:30 AM (September 19th)
British Time: 3:30 PM (September 19th)

Where to watch The Detective is Already Dead episode 12?

You can stream The Detective is Already Dead Episode 12 available on the internet on Funimation and Muse Asia.  As always, you may rewatch The Detective is Already Dead season finale free at one of the many anime broadcasting services available today.

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