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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40 Release Date and Time, Recap, Spoilers

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40

The Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40 starts with The Evil Child Fuu vs. Team Gogeta. The story begins with Goku coming in another aspect where he comes across Fuu. He giggled at Goku and disclosed that to break the Labyrinth Time he combined with Doki Doki. After delaying its episode for a couple of weeks, Super Dragon Ball Heroes has come again.

We saw the appearance of a new Devil, Supersiayan Black in the previous episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes. That caused the Prince of Saiyan and Goku to instruct after a convention with the disguised Saiyan. Goku and Prince of Saiyan went for training and disguised Saiyan told them that he would acquire their time as long as he could retain Supersiayan Black busy.

From the new Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode, Fuu disclosed how he became so strong and powerful at the same time. After hearing this Goku gets desperate. Another version of Vegeta and Goku arrives to assist the two Earth Saiyans to get down Fuu. Fuu is very happy because he is competing with the powerful warriors. Though he has different ideas on the other side. Furthermore, he discloses that he is that strong that can surpass God’s power with his superpowers.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39: Recap

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39, Broly touches down with a powerful bang, Cumber holds Broly’s hands and told him to show his powers. He told him to show how strong he was. Broly gets fierce and after kicking him sends Cumber flying. Hearts observed that this fight was delightful and determined to join Cumber and Broly. Fuu brings out his superpowers as he gets ready to compete with Xeno Gogeta.

Afterward, Xeno Gogeta expand his powers and changes into Super Saiyan Blue Evolved and Full-Power Super Saiyan 4. They touch down enormous hits but Fuu distracts those hits and brings out those powers that divide them into Xeno Vegeta, Xeno Goku, Goku, and Vegeta. Goku was shocked to see that Fuu divide them in a single bang.

They observe that to take down Fuu their new form was not that strong enough. Fuu expands his powers and releases an enormous Ki that hits the four and leaves a gigantic eruption. While opening another gateway, Fuu releases great powers and blade that draws Vegeta and Xeno Vegeta away. He transferred them to the other side and after that realized there was no Xeno Goku and Goku. Goku got anxious that they have lost Vegeta and Xeno Vegeta in seconds.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 39

Goku screams Vegeta’s name, but Fuu wishes to take Goku and Xeno Goku to another side. Luckily, after stopping Fuu’s attack Supreme Kai Time arrives. Supreme Kai Time protects Goku and Xeno Goku from his attack. She told them that she couldn’t hold for so long and they had no time. She gives them some new powers and tells them to excel their limits and release their Ki’s to its limit. Xeno Goku

and Xeno convene and power up their energies. Also, entered another level to face Fuu. He observed that Supreme Kai Time had arrived.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40: Release Date and Time

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40 is expected release on 20 November 2021. A couple of days ago, the last episode was aired. Xeno Goku and Goku vs. Fuu continue in the next episode. Episode 40 is titled “The Last Full Power! Fierce Battle for the Future, Finally Settled!”.

However, the Super Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 40 release date is not confirmed yet. We will update you as soon as the release date of episode 40 is confirmed by the officials.


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