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Shaman King 2021 Episode 16 Release Date, time, and Recap

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Shaman King 2021 Episode 16

Shaman King 2021 Episode 16: The Shaman King 2021 anime series is an adaptation of the shounen manga Shāman Kingu, written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei. The main 2001 anime series was directed by Seiji Mizushima. The first anime adaptation aired between July 4, 2001, and September 25, 2002, on TV Tokyo in Japan. Shaman King 2021 is the reboot of that renowned anime series. The reboot is directed by Joji Furuta and the series composition is done by Shōji Yonemura. Satohiko Sano is the man behind the character designs and the music is composed by Yuki Hayashi. This 2021 reboot started airing on TV Tokyo on April 1, 2021. Until now we have received 15 episodes. And we are waiting for the next one to come.

Shaman King Episode 15: Recap

Check out what happened in the previous episode here.

Episode 15 of Shaman King 2021, named “When the pieces come together”, starts with a discussion in which The elderly man said that Hao has been reincarnated into this world, and he is competing for the Shaman King title. After all this, Anna asks the old man to explain what he meant by this. The 5 elements pentagram symbolize the integration of the five fundamental elements in our daily lives. The pentagram is believed to enable the mastery of life’s complexities and gives a calm yet assertive state of mind. The old man believes that if one can control the pentagram can also control the forces of nature. 

And with all this, he says that Asakura Hao is the one who has mastered all these things and is ready to become the new Shaman King. Between this, Hao has now become a famous Onmyoji of the country. Asakura is now the emperor’s official leader with the help of Hao. So now, Hao decides to end humankind to build a better place for all the Shamans. But as he proceeds, he sees a land of the gods. This changes his mind. But now the Asakura family realizes that Hao can be pretty dangerous and they need to stop him. 

Full gang of Hao (Shaman King Episode 15)

Shaman King Episode 15: How to Stop Hao? 

Hao has been so powerful because of the Taizan Kun festival as through it he has gained the power to control his soul and thus he can do anything. Between all this, the three people who have been spying realizes that Taizan Kun is a powerful and scary guy. They also get to know that long ago, Hao discovered the Shaman fight and thus revived himself at that time only to become the Shaman King. Now, the Asakura family has to undo all the negative deeds of rogue Asakura. However, Asakura Yoh is unaware of all the things. 

Now between all this, Tamao enters the screen and tries to stop Yoh because it would be unfair for him to fight a person who is much powerful. Anna slaps Tamao and tells him to shut up. Anna knows that Yoh is the only hope for them as, after him, there is no one who could beat Hao. Now the old man stops Tamao and Anna and says that he has got a plan to beat Hao and take all his power. 

The old man says that Hao has his superpowers stored in a book and if somehow they get to break the seal of that book, then all his spells can be learned by them, and hence they can defeat Hao. But the problem is that only Hao’s ancestors can break the seal. Now, Tamao takes the book to Yoh. The two monsters engage in a fight and finally manage to break the seal. Anna now closes it with her necklace. Now at the end, Horohoro gets to meet the girl who told him everything about the Kororo as he was the one who protected Appollo, the grizzly bear.


Shaman King 2021 Episode 16: Release Date & time

Shaman King 2021 Episode 16 will be released on Thursday, 15 July 2021 at 5:55 PM Japanese Standard Time. The title of Episode 16 is not revealed yet, we will update you as soon as the officials reveal the title.

Shaman King 2021 Episode 16 will be released on other time zones at –

  • 04:55 AM in USA
  • 09:55 AM in UK
  • 12:55 PM in UAE
  • 02:25 PM in India
  • 06:55 PM in Australia

Where to Watch?  For now, you can not watch the episodes legally if you are outside Japan because  Crunchyroll and Funimation aren’t releasing it yet. But according to the officials, Netflix acquired global streaming rights to the series and is going to release it outside Japan on August 9, 2021.

Shaman King 2021: Netflix trailer

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