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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 Release Date and Time

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 Spoilers – The Prince of the Saiyans had just discovered God Chi and increased a different form. Granolah is about to be penalized for disordering with the Saiyans and not understanding that they don’t help the villain Freeza. Vegeta picks up Granolah and throws him away with a massive hit. Granolah shot back and reached a big body blow that affects and impress Vegeta. Vegeta bluffs to be harm cheers up at Granolah, who is still reaching the body stab, and remarks that he grows powerful when the battle gets severe.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 75: Recap

The episode started with Granolah who arrived at that building that collapses and he tries to redeem it. When Granolah attempt to get up and did his double leg kick at that moment Vegeta arrives. Vegetal landed on Granolah due to this He flies away. He also devastated the building. Whereas Granolah has no agendas and that’s why Vegetal looks at him and smiles sarcastically. Vegetal has enormous and because of this, the building collapses once again. And at that time, power Vegeta smiles, looking at Granolah, who has no plans. The building continues to collapses due to the tremendous powers of Vegeta. As Vegeta has tremendous power, by seeing her Granolah understands that Vegeta is not the same as before he is fighting with different Vegeta who is most powerful.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76

Who is God of Destruction?

Meanwhile, at Granolah’s location, Vegeta comes and said to him that there are being called Gods of Destruction. Vegetal added that there is one guy who perfectly teaches him the power of destruction. Listening to this, Granolah fears who and what is the God of destruction. But Granolah believes that no one is much stronger than him in this universe. And Vegeta is telling him nonsense, he is the “ strongest warrior in the universe”. To prove himself he uses a huge blast over Vegeta but Vegeta blocks the attack by using his chest. Perhaps, Granolah tries to attack Vegeta multiple times but none of his strikes his body. By seeing this he fears that if Vegeta’s body is covered with a shield or not.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76

How Vegeta ends the battle

In the end, Vegeta concluded to stop and end the battle with only a single hit. Whereas Granolah thanks Vegeta to make him stronger and he stopped the attack. Whereas Maki listened to this serious battle and was delighted to hear that Granolah has gained benefit. Vegeta is shocked by how Granolah overcame his strikes. Meanwhile, the trio has established a tool to discover and locate the Dragon ball


Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76: Release Date and Time

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 76 is set to release on Saturday, September 18, 2021, on VIZ Media. It is not confirmed by the officials but most likely chapter 76 will release on 18 September.

  • Pacific Time: 9 AM on Saturday, September 18
  • Central Time: 11 AM on Saturday, September 18
  • Eastern Time: 12 AM on Saturday, September 18
  • British Time: 5 PM on Saturday, September 18

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