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Pokemon Evolutions Episode 3 Release Date, Time, and Recap

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Pokemon Evolutions Episode 3

Pokemon Evolutions Episode 3: It is all brand new episodes and this episode features Lillie from the Aloha region. This episode is all about gorgeous Lillie faces her deepest fear and challenges. 

This series is releasing on YouTube and Pokémon TV by Japanese, Pokémon Company. Pokemon Evolution series has a total of 8 episodes that are yet to publish in celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Pokémon. This series started on the 2nd of September 2021. Each episode will be released on a weekly or weekly twice base. This episode is based on Pokémon’s Ultra Moon is a role-playing video game. This episode is titled “The Eclipse” and it takes place in the Alola region. 

Pokemon Evolutions Episode 2: Recap

Lusamine, Lillie’s mother uses Nebby’s power to reach into the Ultra Wormhole and to fight with Necrozma; Lillie didn’t like the decision and she is determined to rescue her mother and her Nebby (The moon Power). Nebby’s power as the moon is personified in one of the scenes. By doing this, she can be together with Selene ask for the Legendary Pokemon Lunala. Whatever said, in the middle of the episode Guzma, Lusamine drops off from the Ultra Wormhole, with the evil Necrozma behind her. Nebby, the moon power, and Lunala continue to fight the burglar of the Light. Unfortunately, Necrozma absorbs the Moon power from Nebby and assumes itself as Dawn Wings form. 

Pokemon Evolutions Episode 3
The Eclipse:

From the last episode, an update follows from the girl, Lillie who faces the biggest challenges and fear to rescue her mom and her Nebby. Because what she imagines is completely opposite. As Lillie doesn’t like the decision but her mother proceeds to rush through the wormhole with the help of Nebby. Now, she should rescue both and keep out from Necrozma. 

Ultra Sun vs. Ultra Moon:

After playing the flute at the altar of the moon that brought Lunala back along with Necrozma. Now, the furious fight part. As Nebby and Necrozma never leave the fight until the moon power from Nebby, Necrozma absorbs. Not to mention, it honestly feels like two giants fighting. The clash between them feels epic. The music is a remix of tracks from all of the Pokémon game series. At last, Unfortunately, Nebby’s power is taken by Necrozma and became a superpower. In the game version, Lillie asks the player to take care of Pokemon, but here in the anime version she is the monster’s caretaker and this episode gives her a more serious job to take care of them. 

Pokemon Evolutions Episode 3
The Fearless Lillie:

At first, when her mother went through the wormhole she is afraid; when Nebby is in conflict with Necrozma, she is full of fear. But at the end of the episode, when she comes to know the Necrozma took all the power of Nebby and became more powerful, the real Lillie with fearless characteristics shows up. The episode ends with showing valorous Lillie with Celine and her mother on either side. The suspenseful ending!! To continue with this shining animated episode we have to wait for the next life! 


Pokemon Evolutions Episode 3: Release Date and Time

Pokemon Evolutions Episode 3 is set to release on Thursday, October 7, 2021, on YouTube at 5:30 PM IST. The Title of Pokemon Evolutions Episode 3 is “The Visionary” and in Japanese: ザ・ビジョン.

  • Pacific Time Zone: 07:00 AM PDT
  • Mountain Time Zone: 08:00 AM MDT
  • Eastern Time Zone: 10:00 AM EDT
  • Hawaii Time Zone: 04:00 AM HST

Where to Watch? You can watch Pokemon Evolutions Episode 3 online on Youtube for free. The episode Pokemon Evolutions Episode 3 will release with English Subtitles. New episodes of “Pokemon Evolutions” drop every Thursday.


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