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Is Overlord season 4 coming? Check the updates here

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Overlord season 4


Overlord anime series is one of the anime lover’s most favorite series. The story of the Overload is quite different and connects us emotionally. Both anime adaption and novel are quite famous among the audience. Already three parts are released of the anime series and fans are eagerly waiting for Overlord season 4.

The Journey of the Overload series started almost a decade ago. In 2012,  the first novel of the Overlord series was published. In 2014 first adoption of the Overlord series in the anime version was released. Meanwhile, the audience overrated this novel and got much popularity. Early, the author of the novel stated that he planned 17 novels but seeing the popularity of the series he will continue his work.

In 2017 – 18, the second and third parts of the series were released which got overall better responses from anime lovers. Many anime lovers added this series to their top favorite anime series. Overlord season 4 is much awaited for two years. But, after the Coronavirus

pandemic situation makes it later. There is no official announcement for the fourth season but reportedly the team is working on it.


The story was plotted in 2126, an online role-playing video game was released. Due to high graphics and user-friendly games, games gain much popularity. After 12 years of his long run, game servers are going to ship down. To play and tribute the game for the last time, Ainz Ooal Gown comes there. He started playing the game and noticed that the characters of the game were overdeveloped. Then he realized that he had entered the virtual world and he is playing the role of a character called ‘Momonga’ who is the supreme power in the game. His mission is to take over an existing kingdom and become a lord in that virtual world. In short, he is playing the role of villain.

In the beginning, Ainz was confused but later he decided to play the game according to the character and find out who are other people trapped in this game as he had been trapped.

Overlord season 4

Overlord season 4 update


At the ending of Overlord season 3, Ainz becomes more powerful in the game. New entries can be expected. Frost dragon will lose the game. Great tower and Capital Einzer will be the main location in the Overlord season 4. These are some interesting spoilers of season 4. The story is going to be more interesting and engaging. The audience is expecting a masterpiece and unique plot. Suspense is the main key of this story. Our main character is playing both roles – villain, and hero which are more twisted.

Release date

The release date and trailer of Overlord season  4 not announced till now. But the fourth season is expected in 2019 only. But, it was delayed till 2020. But the pandemic situation delayed more than expected. It is reported that the author is still working on the novel. Hence, for now no one can reveal its release date. Hence, fans have to wait for the Overlord season 4.


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