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Dr. Stone season 2 episode 7 The Secret Mission

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Dr Stone season 2 episode 7 Secret Mission

The title of episode 7 of season 2 of Dr Stone is “Secret Mission.” Fans are looking forward to the new episode of anime after watching the exciting events of the previous one. Dr. Stone’sStone’s second season has already become one of the most attractive and charming animated series of this year 2021, and now Dr. Stone, and it only gets better with each and episode.

The story line up of Dr. Stone season 2

They are currently presenting the Stone Wars arc, which shows a total battle between the realm of science and the empire of power. Senku and Tsukasa will do everything to win this battle for their respective sides. The next episode will be important because it could decide the outcome of this battle. So when will the fans see it? Here are all the latest details.


The conflict between Senku and Tsukasa will go to the beginning, and now both sides will be showing their skills to take over. The internationally popular sci-fi anime Dr. Stone Season 2 Episode 7 is going to release next week, and now spectators are waiting to watch it.

The two face off in the second season of Dr.Stone, which began the first of the episodes starting in January 2021 after the worldwide acclaim of Dr. Stone’s Stones. First season.

Relation with Manga

Dr. Stone S02 Episode 07 is now going to take us into another step near the final argument, which includes chapters 71 and 72 of the original manga of Riichiro Inagaki.

While Senku always impresses viewers with his scientific knowledge, we will break down and information on the date and time of Dr. Stone’sStone’s release in season 2, episode 7.

Dr. Stone season 2 episode 7 Secret Mission

Dr. Stone season 2 episode 7 Release date and time

Senku certainly did an incredible adventure which will follow him in his mission of restoring the civilization from grazing.

Mr. Stone S2 Ep 7 is now formally releasing in Japan on Thursday 25 February 2021 at 22:30 JST.

Dr.Stone Season 2 Episode 7 Spoilers:

In Dr. Stone’sStone’s most recent episode: Stone Wars, Chrome proved his ability geniuses and knowledge of science to execute a science-related jailbreak and fooled all the security like YoSenku is pretty amazed when he gets to know that Chrome makes fake blood which helped him in fooling and escaping. However, the prison break may have cost now. It will be really interesting to see Ukyo making a new appearance which will stop the strategy of the Kingdom of Science in Dr. Stone season 2, episode 7.


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