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Boruto Episode 187 Storyline, Spoilers And other Details

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Boruto Episode 187


Boruto Episode 187: It is a highly appreciated anime series. Currently, it is running with new and latest episode’s. This time the story is interesting and twisted. The original language of the anime series is Japanese but English subtitles help to understand the dialogues. Hindi dubbing is not available now. New episodes are streaming on Crunchyroll every Sunday. Before telecasting new episodes, a trailer is released officially to develop the interest of the audience.

Ukyo Kodachi had written this series. The first season was telecasted in 2017 and till now 186 episodes have been released.


Naruto is a well-developed, experienced ninja who has saved his village many times from dangerous villains. Villagers are expecting the same qualities in his son Boruto. Boruto doesn’t want to become the same personality as his father. He wants to give his time to family which his father is not able to do. Boruto is much interested in science but his master develops both scientific skills and ninja qualities in Boruto. Naruto’s next generation is ready to walk on Naruto’s path. But, still Boruto has to learn more.


Also, this time villains are more strong and smart. This time they have targeted Naruto and achieved success in this mission. Now, Boruto has to save his father by showing his Ninja skills and he also succeeds in this mission. But, the next challenges are awaiting him.

Boruto Episode 187

Boruto Episode  187 – spoiler alert and written update

Fans can recall Episode 186 which is quite interesting. In Episode 186, Ao was unable to find Boruto. Team 7 fools Ao and tries to make him injured. But, Ao was able to dismiss their plan with the help of Scientific Ninja tools. Later, Ao found out about Boruto’s location. An intense battle was going between Boruto and Ao. Boruto defeats Ao with the help of ninja tools. Later asks Boruto to take revenge of Mugino’s death but Boruto forgives Ao. Koji regrets believing Ao and appears in the battle scene.


Now, in episode 187, Koji will appear as a new threat. After completing the mission, team 7 will go for some rest. But, before they will rest, Koji will appear before them. He will attack on team 7. Konohamaru will face Koji alone and fiercely. Also, it is interesting to see that the seal of Karma on Boruto’s palm will be activated, because of Koji’s appearance. It is interesting to see how Boruto will handle his new powers and face the Koji. This latest episode is going to air this Sunday.

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