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Meta Quest 3: Release Date, Cost, and What to Expect from the Virtual Reality Headset

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Meta Quest 3

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For all those looking forward to buying Meta Quest 3, here are some updates you won’t like to miss. Well, the virtual reality headset, Meta Quest 3 has been making everyone super excited about it. But now we can at least have a base to expect when it would release for all.

Read ahead to know more about Meta Quest 3 and all its major updates.

A little about the Meta Quest 3

Reality Labs, a division of Meta Platforms have developed Meta Quest 3 which is a virtual reality headset. The product was introduced to all back at the start of June this year. Ever since then everyone interested to have the headset is looking forward to buying it.

But guess what? The release date of the same is what you need to wait for. Luckily, we have some hints on when the Meta Quest 3 can likely release. Post which you can try to get one for yourself. So, can we have the virtual reality headset released anytime soon?

Release date of Meta Quest 3

Hopefully, we have Meta Quest 3 to release this year. The product has already been unveiled to all in June this year. As per some reports, it’s likely to have its release at the Meta Connect event. Which is all set to take place on 27th September 2023.

But note that the day hasn’t been announced officially as the release date for Meta Quest 3. Not just that, many are thinking that at the Meta Connect event, we can get to know more about the Meta Quest 3. In fact, Meta had a tweet saying that some Quest 3 announcements could be made at the event. So, we likely are to get the product to come out soon.

More about the Meta Quest 3

Though we are yet to get an official release date for the Meta Quest 3. Many are also speculating about the price of the headset. Well, it could range somewhere around $499 as per Industry analysts. The price may be more than the Quest 2.

Also, initially, even Quest 2 had come out at a range of $299. But eventually, the prices went high. So, we aren’t sure anything about Quest 3 as of now. As it may or may not see a hike in price like Quest 2. However, currently, let’s wait for its release announcement.


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